Welcome to Golf in Florida (or “You Are NOT in Arizona Anymore”)

Thursday, September 05, 2013

0 miles

Early morning workout followed by breakfast in our condo.  Time to hit the links.  Today is our first of 4 days of golf in Port St Lucie.  We will be playing the Wanamaker course at the PGA Village. As we arrive, the sky is a bit dark, but we plow ahead unfazed.

Entrance to PGA Village Clubhouse
Entrance to PGA Village Clubhouse

Check in is a breeze.  I manage to do a bit of shopping in the Pro Shop and we still have time to hit the driving range.  Neither of us has played for a week (gasp!) and we feel rusty.

IMG_8637Our tee time arrives and we head out to the first tee. Our “friends” – the Sandhill Cranes are waiting on the first fairway for us.  They are always our indication that we are in Florida and we love them.


I won’t go into all the gory details of the round, but suffice it to say that it brought back all that we love/hate about Florida golf (wet fairways, no roll, fat shots, sloooow greens, hot, humid, muggy, etc). When we approached the 2nd hole we saw lightning and a warning came on the gps to take shelter.  Not wanting to be the idiot “tourists” who ignored the warning, we took shelter at a nearby brick building to wait it out.

IMG_8639The storm passed quickly with only a spit of rain and we enjoyed the rest of our round in the hot and sticky Florida conditions!



IMG_8646Salads for lunch in the clubhouse were excellent and a nice respite in the air conditioning.  We will play this same course tomorrow now that we “know” what to do!

After lunch we headed a bit north to Ft. Pierce and a seafood market that was highly rated on Yelp.  The goal is to pick up some fresh fish to cook for dinner.  Pelican Seafood does not disappoint.  We purchase some beautiful snapper for tonight as well as shrimp for tomorrow.

Pelican Seafood Market
Pelican Seafood Market
Everything looks great!
Everything looks great!

IMG_8650On the way back home we drove on US 1 and saw some nice homes on the water.  This is an interesting area, but we think that it probably gets really busy with snowbirds “in season.” Back to the condo for a much needed nap and relaxing.

I prepared our pan seared snapper for dinner along with grated/browned cauliflower,  broccoli and slices of a HUGE Florida avocado.  It was awesome and we didn’t even have to leave home to enjoy it.



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