New Day/New Course

Saturday, September 7, 2013

0 Miles

Today will be different.  Today I will go get a Starbucks before golf and will play so much better.  (are you believing this?)  Up early, no workout (rest day), Starbucks bound.  Iced latte in hand we motor the 2 minutes to the golf club.  Today we are playing the second of three courses – the Ryder – and I am hoping for different results.

I'm not hooked.  Really.
I’m not hooked. Really.

We get paired up with a super nice guy from New Jersey whose name is Rich.  Easy to remember. The Ryder course is nice with faster greens and wider fairways.  I still played bad (even with the coffee).  Oh well – lots of golf to play in Florida.  I hope to master a bit of the conditions before we leave.

The two "Richs" discuss strategy.
The two “Richs” discuss strategy.


We joined Rich in the private section of the club (he is a member) for popcorn, beer and stories.  It is always great to meet new friends on the course.

Lunch was leftovers at the condo.  We are leaving tomorrow and want to eat up everything in the fridge.


Shrimp salad for me
Shrimp salad for me
Chicken/spinach/pasta for Rich.  (pretty great pickin's for leftovers)
Chicken/spinach/pasta for Rich. (pretty great pickin’s for leftovers)

The remainder of the afternoon was spent watching the steady rain (every afternoon), packing up and doing laundry.  Fun stuff.

Rain on "our" lake
Rain on “our” lake

We decided to go out for dinner tonight, but the choices in Port St. Lucie are not all that great.  We settled on Tutto Fresco – a restaurant that is just down the road from the condo.  However, we got a bad vibe when we pulled into the parking lot and saw Valet Parking and tons of empty parking spaces.  A quick U-turn later and we cross the street and drive into Carrabba’s just as the sun is setting and making the sky beautiful.  Generally, we do not like to dine at chain restaurants, but neither of us wants to drive very far and this seems to suit for tonight.



Carrabba’s actually turned out to be a great decision!  Our server was fantastic and not just going through the motions.  I remembered that my friend, Peggy, said she loves the Pork Chops Marsala so I ordered that.  Rich ordered the Seafood Pasta.  The Pork Chop was delicious.

I would get this again!
I would get this again!
The wine was also good...
The wine was also good…

Early to bed tonight.  We have to get up early and fully pack up the car before our tee time in the morning.  We will drive to Palm Beach (about an hour away) after golf tomorrow.  Today was slow, relaxing and a great day!

We found this little guy on our steps when we got home tonight:











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