Linda’s xylophone got me stirring this morning, and she was soon pounding out a vigorous YAYOG workout at our screen door, gazing out at the brightening shoreline.   Alas the bottle of champagne and other drinks last night had me pinned contentedly in bed to watch.

By 7:30 we had emerged to the lobby living room for coffee, which was prepared from an elaborate machine that required an instruction manual.  It made excellent coffee.

Coffee in The Living Room

Next: an oceanfront yoga session!  No I’m not kidding.  About 6 brave souls (including us) lined up on the beachfront facing northward.  The class leader Susan took expert control and led us on a spiritual hour of balance, posture, breathing, alignment, and inner power.  The exercises were no-impact, and yet were quite strenuous to some low-used muscles in the legs, back, shoulders, and “glutes.”

Preparing for yoga

Susan the instructor was outstanding.  She’d have us enter into a stance, and she would describe three or four verbal adjustments to get it right, occasionally touching one or more of us to slightly re-align things.  Each tiny adjustment made a big difference in balance, well-being, comfort, posture, etc.  Well, you get the idea – the class was very well run and was sort of a new experience for us both.  Doing it oceanfront in the morning breeze was really nice.  I kept thinking of Utopia’s “Communion with the Sun.”  Do the Pranayama ’til your spine gets sore. (Apologies.  Rundgren fans will get this reference.)

After having paid for our dinner last night, American Express again came through for breakfast, paying for almost all of today’s fare.  The pickings you ask?  Fresh-squeezed Florida orange juice, fresh squeezed pomegranate-blueberry juice, yogurt parfait with strawberries, blueberries, honey, passion fruit, and granola, egg white frittata, eggs/bacon/potatoes, English muffins, toast, coffee.  Add in the New York Times, the USA Today, the ocean, the pool, the breezes, the swaying palm trees, and about 8 servers making sure you have everything you need. OK, I am beginning (just beginning) to understand why Linda likes it here.

OK, this is not too bad
Food porn at its finest

A nice long nap after breakfast, which was a good thing because a few rain cells pounded their way through the area. Once the sun reappeared we decided to take in the nearby Palm Beach Par 3 course, which we had played here 2 years ago. We had a lot of fun clowning around on the course since it was wide open. Linda was hopeful that with 36 chances, one of us would grab onto a hole-in-one – nope. I did win about $0.80 from Linda.

Follow through
Oceanfront tee box
Just a chip and a putt
Linda considers retiring her putter

A late afternoon retreat to the room for rest and blogging.

Perfecting the art of blogging

Tonight’s adventure: Būccan!  Yes, we decided to violate one of our fundamental restaurant rules (you can never go back).  This is actually our THIRD visit to the same place – something we almost never do with a fine dining establishment.  It’s that good.

Būccan is only about 2-1/2 years old and is an established star in Palm Beach.  It is casual and high end at the same time, food centric, and definitely one of the places to see and be seen, a local hot spot.

Chef’s table

Linda had already secured us the most coveted seat in the house at one of the two “chef’s tables” that overlook the kitchen.  The action there is so interesting and frequently intense that it could be a reality TV show every night (although you’d miss out on the blasts of fragrance).  It was our own version of dinner and a movie.

We celebrated half-price-bottle night (Mondays) with a sauvignon blanc from New Zealand called Loveblock – excellent rounded flavor and not too strong on the citrus.

Our dinner selections (I know you are waiting):

  • Peruvian style corvina ceviche – bright and quite spicy
  • Warm brussel sprouts “Caesar” salad – easily the star of the night for us
  • and finally a corn agnolotti with Florida rock shrimp, yellow tomatoes, basil, and bacon bread crumbs – what could go wrong?

These three dishes and a bottle of the wine took us perfectly through 2-1/2 hours of non-stop entertainment.  The chefs here are truly rock stars, hard working pros who rise up every night to a barrage of orders.  And don’t think Monday night had the place empty – it was completely full.

We had a laugh when an older gentleman ordered the premium burger plate.  You should have seen the look on his face when the 8″ high portion arrived.  Other great looking fare included the swordfish, hanger steak, U7 shrimp, and crispy duck legs.

Serious burgers

Linda got the real accolades for the evening when a woman diner complimented her on both her dress AND her shoes.  At the see-and-be-seen scene of Būccan!  Linda acknowledged her with, “Thank you, my daughter picked this dress out for me.”

Standout dress and shoes

We talked with John on the way home about today’s heavy rains in Arizona.  Linda’s friend Diane actually got stranded on the golf course due to a bridge washout (her tee time was 6:45AM and she didn’t get off until after 3PM).  Alas, our house roof sprung a couple of new leaks that John had to attend to.  Oh well.


3 thoughts on “Yoga-Golf-Būccan

  1. What a fabulous food-centric day! Don’t know how you made room for everything … Must have been the yoga class! Did Linda really fail to mention that her shoes were hand made Italian sandals???

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