From Cycling School to Old School

Tuesday, September 10, 2013
0 Miles

When we were at the Fitness Center yesterday I made the grave mistake of pointing out that Tuesday’s class was Cycle Strength.  Rich immediately called me on it.  Since he “suffered” through yoga yesterday it will be my turn to burn.  We make our usual coffee stop in the Living Room to properly caffeinate before attempting the bikes.

As soon as we arrive in the center, the instructor meets us and asks if we have eaten anything today.  When I tell him we haven’t he shakes his head at me and claims that we will regret it if we don’t eat before this class.  It will be so tough that he i certain I will “bonk” before finishing.  He even goes so far as to warn me that he will watch me closely for signs of failure.  Scares the heck out of me. Fortunately, there is a bowl of apples and I quickly grab one and munch it up.  Rich does the same.

State of the art stationary bikes are set up in a beautifully outfitted classroom.  Scott (the instructor) very deliberately helps us to adjust our bikes for a perfect fit.  I really appreciate it because any time I have used a bike in an exercise class it has been very uncomfortable.  We are each given two bottles of water, a stretchy band and a sweat towel.  He tells us we will use all of them.


Getting "adjusted"
Getting “adjusted”

Scott barks out orders “Crank it up!” (the tension on the bike) and “Push!” We go through several intervals of speed bursts back down to cruising levels.  We are told not to ever stop pedaling.  This is tough for me (Rich doesn’t seem to mind). The stretchy bands come out and we do quite a few strength moves with triceps, biceps, shoulders, etc (of course pedaling all the while). The entire time I am reminding myself that I have a massage scheduled for this afternoon so I don’t care how much this hurts!

Finally we dismount and go for the mats.  The moves here are more my style but still very difficult.  We are sweating and downing the water bottles easily.

Rich pleads with Scott to not make him go to the mats...
Rich pleads with Scott to not make him go to the mats…

Back on the bikes for standing sprints.  These are done by standing up on the pedals and basically hovering over the seat as low as you can get. Killer.

We both made it through the class!  Actually, it was good and we feel great.  I still don’t like the bike but I lived through it. This was probably a good warm up for Rich’s upcoming ride (sans the howling winds and pouring rain).

Quick recovery
Quick recovery

Post workout coffee time and then on to breakfast.  Rich opts for the decadent watermelon/greek yogurt/honey/basil/mint/almond streusel parfait and Raisin Bran.  I go for a huge fruit plate and protein. I order eggs benedict (without the sauce…) with smoked salmon, tomato and asparagus.

Love the new shirt!
Love the new shirt!
See Rich's parfait in the foreground
See Rich’s parfait in the foreground
Where do they get this beautiful fruit?
Where do they get this beautiful fruit?

IMG_8787Rich’s parfait was outstanding.  However, it was a bit too much sugar all at once after being so depleted from our class. We will try making it at home without so much honey and/or streusel.

While sitting outside (covered patio) for breakfast we noticed out over the ocean that it was getting pretty dark.  All at once the wind picked up and in the blink of an eye the sky opened up and it poured.  Do Rich and Jack know what they are in for?


When the skies clear up a beach lounger is calling my name.  It is nice and overcast and breezy – perfect for reading and snoozing with the sound of the waves.

Spa time.  The Palm Beach Signature Massage is on tap for this afternoon. I have had this treatment before and remember it being one of the best massages I have ever had.  Today my therapist is Cindy and she does not disappoint.  She is unbelievable. She zeros in on each trigger point just like there are targets all over my body. She tells me that my body is “easy to read.”I confirm my choice and still think this is one of the best.

By the time I lounge in the spa and return to our room it is Happy Hour.  We enjoy what is leftover from our bottle of wine at Buccan and watch the acrobatics of three kiteboarders out our balcony.  They are simply amazing daredevils.  The wind is whipping really hard and zips them through the rough waves.  I still don’t know how they manage to completely change directions without falling.  They catch huge air time with leaps and jumps.  Very cool and a great spectacle.


Dinner plans for tonight have us going into town to visit the Leopard Lounge.  This place has been on my radar for a while. The reviews I have read tout it as a kitschy place and true old money Palm Beach. Not really fancy, but a very old school locals hangout. Could be great, could be weird.  We are going to give it a whirl.


The Leopard Lounge is housed in the Chesterfield Hotel which is strange/cool in its own right.  We visited the lobby and were intrigued by the Library and very masculine “cigar” room.

Lobby of the Chesterfield
Lobby of the Chesterfield

The maitre d greets us and starts to lead us to our table but we explain that we would like to sit at the bar first.  No problem.  Our table is ours for the entire evening.  The bar is even better than expected.  All dark and mahogany with great hardware on the rails.


Brass elephant railing holders
Brass elephant railing holders

I am especially delighted to see that there is what I imagine the stereotypical Palm Beach resident sitting right down from us.  I manage to sneak a pic.  She is perfect.

Isn't she great?
Isn’t she great?

Champagne cocktail for me (old school, right?) and a martini for Rich (classic).  Our drinks are enjoyed whilst great people-watching comes and goes.  There is also live music by a guitarist.

When we are shown to our table we get a great look at the dining room.  It is complete with low lighting and shiny black vinyl booths.  Since they know it is our anniversary (again) we are given the most romantic booth deep in the back corner.  You can do some serious snuggling here…

Our table is waay in the back corner
Our table is waay in the back corner
These pics are really bad, but I like them anyway!
These pics are really bad, but I like them anyway!

The wait staff is a great cast of characters.  It looks like some of them have been here for 50 years.  The menu is not especially interesting, but the Caprese Salad comes highly recommended by the maitre d.  We order it along with a steak for Rich and Sea Bass for me.

Caprese salad made with Burrata cheese
Caprese salad made with Burrata cheese

Dinner is finished of with a shared cappucino and a shared dance.
The Leopard Lounge is a place that you need to visit one time if you are in the area.  We are so glad that we did!

My favorite painting in the Leopard Lounge
My favorite painting in the Leopard Lounge

One thought on “From Cycling School to Old School

  1. Glad you survived cycling … Whew! A massage waiting afterwards is NOT enough motivation for me 🙂

    Leopard Lounge looked very interesting. Sill not enough to make up for the cycling!

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