Marshy Golf

September 12, 2013

0 miles

Nice lazy morning – time to reset once again.  I start the day with a tough workout sent by Levi.  Back to our usual breakfasts of oatmeal/yogurt for me and Raisin Bran for Rich. (this is NOT the 4 Seasons…) We want to get some fresh shrimp for tonight’s dinner and the condo owner has told me where a great seafood market is. On our way to historic downtown Fernandina we swing past the entrance to Fort Clinch State Park where Jack and Rich will begin their “Top to Tip” Florida ride.  Further on towards the waterfront we go past the Hampton where we stayed a couple of years ago. The waterfront is really nice and downtown is quaint and cute.


Atlantic Seafood is right at the edge of the waterfront.


Making our selection
Making our selection
Ain't it the truth?!
Ain’t it the truth?!

Tee time today is later afternoon (2:00pm) at the Oak Marsh course at the Omni Plantation Amelia Vililage. Oak Marsh is supposedly one of Pete Dye’s masterpieces.  Since we live on a Pete Dye course, we know how diabolical he can be, but we choose to golf here anyway.  The scenery is gorgeous – very marshy and “lowland-ish.”  The course proves to be great for my game and not so good for Rich’s.  Finally, I play some great golf!


There is one point where we came to a small lake and notice that hundreds of beautiful pink Spoonbills and white Wood Storks are in the water.  We look up and see that they are all roosting in the trees as well.  Weird.  Only in Florida.

Maybe if you zoom on this you can see all the pink birds in the water/trees.
Maybe if you zoom on this you can see all the pink birds in the water/trees.

After golf we make our way back downtown to Brett’s Waterway Cafe.  We remember being here on our first evening in Fernandina last trip and enoying “Florida’s First Sunset” while sitting in large rocking chairs on their patio.  It is a little early today and still hot out so we go inside for a drink at the bar.  The drinks were good, but the bartender was a bit of a blowfish.  We had planned on grabbing a little snack, but decided to cut our losses and leave.  Too bad.

Coconut Mojito and Rum Punch

Back at the condo and time to start dinner.  Tonight’s menu includes salad, garlic shrimp, pasta, leftover cauliflower and fresh broccoli with mushrooms.  Not too shabby for trying to clean out the fridge!

Rich's usual spot
Rich’s usual spot

Tonight’s chosen movie is The Pianist.  It is a great movie (but a little plodding) and we especially enjoy all the Chopin piano music throughout the film.  Early to bed tonight – early tee time in the morning.


3 thoughts on “Marshy Golf

  1. Rich, did you coin that great name for your Florida trip? “Top to Tip”
    The pink Spoonbills are indeed beautiful.
    What a wonderful vintage cuisine dinner with fresh shrimp.

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