Movin’ On Up

Monday, September 16, 2013
226 Miles

Travel day today.  Time to leave Mission Inn and head south to Naples.  I will be staying at the Ritz Carlton Naples Golf Resort and have a tee time set up for 2pm today. I need to get on the road.

After breakfast at La Hacienda, I pack up the car once again and hit the road.  The drive is easy, just a few hours. When I get about 30 miles outside of Naples the sky opens up and it downpours.  Traffic slows to a crawl because it is extremely difficult to see.  I use extra caution.

By the time I reach the resort the sun is shining again – typical Florida. The drive up to the hotel is stunning.


At check-in I am taken care of by a wonderful young woman – Kristin.  She notes that I am on the Amex package and explains the “perks” to me.  She informs me that I have been upgraded to a suite that overlooks the pool.  (I had previously looked at the accommodations online and had my eye on a suite overlooking the golf course, but I also knew it was a 2 category upgrade and the chances were slim.) I mentioned nicely to her that I was hoping for a golf view.  She tells me that it is not part of the package, but she will see if she can do it.  Voila! She puts me into a gorgeous 2-room suite overlooking both the pool AND the course!  She says it is her favorite room in the resort. I soon see why.

My Living Room
My Living Room

There is only one problem with the room and it is a real dilemma.  Which bathroom should I use – the guest bath or the master bath?

View from bedroom
View from bedroom
View from bedroom
View from bedroom

The skies are threatening, but I am determined to get my round in.  I head to the onsite Tiburon Golf Course and check in.  They tell me that a storm is coming, but I can go out if I would like to.  Are you kidding?

There are two courses here – Tiburon Gold and Tiburon Black.  The Gold course is where Greg Norman hosts the annual Franklin Templeton Shootout – the “Shark Shootout”.  Since the Black is closed I will be playing the Gold.

The course it typical Florida – wet, long rough, slow greens and beautiful with lots of water hazards.


marshy cart paths
marshy cart paths

There are marshy areas where the water birds are abundant.



I make it quickly through the front 9 (nobody on the course) and then it starts to rain.  Shelter is easy with some of the dense tree areas and I choose to wait it out.  After only about 10 minutes, it clears up and I proceed to the back nine.  It is on the back nine that you play the hole I can see from my balcony.  It is great to see the resort from the course.


I made it almost all the way around staying dry.Around the 16th hole it started to sprinkle, but not enough to make me go in.  I ended up having a pretty good round, especially for the mucky conditions.

A bit of post-round relaxation and checking out my new digs is in order.  Then it is time for dinner.  There are 2 main restaurants here and one of them is closed on Monday. Ok.  My decision is easy.  I will have dinner at the Bella Vista lounge tonight.

Bella Vista loungs
Bella Vista loungs

It is not busy (where are all the people?) My server is very friendly and attentive.  I really only want to “pick” tonight and the limited menu suits me just fine.  I choose to have the charcuterie/cheese platter that comes wth grainy honey mustard and jalepeno jam.  This along with a glass of Malbec will be perfect.

IMG_8956When asked if I want dessert I first say “no.”  Then my server tells me that they are all tiny.  Ok. Is there chocolate?  Oh, baby, there is chocolate.  I cave.

A sin worth commiting
A sin worth committing

While finishing dessert the fire pit just outside the window is lit and it is very inviting.  I wish Rich was here…  I go out alone anyway and sit for just a while enjoying being right here.



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