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Sunday, September 22, 2013

0 Miles

Never get tired of this view
Never get tired of this view

After 9+ hours of sleep last night, I wake up refreshed and rarin’ to go.  I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to even move, but I feel pretty good and not too stiff. I have been looking at the TRX studio everyday and anticipating this morning’s class both with excitement and trepidation.  There are only 3 of os this morning and the instructor is excellent.  For those not familiar with TRX – it consists basically of a set of two ropes with handles that you can use in various ways for work on strength/conditioning.  Levi has TRX at his studio and I am at least a little familiar. Barbie puts us through our paces and we are all sweating at the end.


When class is over I check my phone and sure enough there is a text from Rich.  He and Jack are waiting for me at the Canyon Grille!

Back with my boys
Back with my boys (notice their bikes in the background)

They have had a great couple of days of riding and look none worse for the wear. Rich was concerned about showing up at the resort in sweaty bike clothes.  I convinced him the everyone around here runs around in sweaty workout wear!

We have a great breakfast together and I try to talk Rich into spending the night at Canyon Ranch.  They insist they will be just as happy at the Super 8 in Florida City (what?!)  I give them a quick tour of the facilities before the get back on the bikes.

Contemplating whether to stay here
Contemplating whether to stay here
Nope.  Gotta go
Nope. Gotta go

There is a really cool paved bike/walking path all along the beach.  We don’t know how far south it goes, but are pretty sure it at least goes all the way into South Beach.  Should be fantastic people watching in that area for sure.


I am staying HERE!
I am staying HERE! (Rich says that is a whistle around my neck so I can get the instructors to STOP! It is actually a key)

Now that I had gotten rid of them (!) I get back on track.  My next class starts at 11 and I am ready. I have read reviews about this class and instructor online and am eager to check it out.

Buff Ballet Booty – Lose yourself in this delightful dance workout that focuses on balance and coordination. Plié your way into a longer leaner you!
The class is populated with a mix of young and old.  I think I can fit in even though I know zero about ballet. The instructor (Paul) is indeed awesome.  He is so joyful and smiling that you can’t help but enjoy the time in his studio.  The moves are complicated, but not so much that I can’t hang on.  It is all very fluid and smooth.  I love it. I may become a ballerina…
I had previously decided that I would not go to the Zumba class today, but I have since learned that Paul is teaching it and I am definitely down.  The class is packed (because everyone knows Paul is teaching).
So happy I changed my mind. Paul is an incredible dancer with an endless amount of energy.  He super charges the class.  It is a non-stop dance/sweat fest.  We are all ready to go “clubbing” in Miami after mastering these Latin dances.
Whew.  Time to rest.  The Sunset Pool is calling my name.  I grab my leftover breakfast (smart idea again) and head down.  I park myself in the shade on a chaise and don’t plan on moving until time for my massage at 5pm.  I am DONE with classes for today.
When it comes close to massage time I hear the Aquavana Experience calling my name.  I manage to sneak a few pics from the inner sanctum.
Foot spa
Foot spa
One of the "experience" showers
One of the “experience” showers
Whirlpool and heated loungers
Whirlpool and heated loungers
My favorite - Herbal Laconium
My favorite – Herbal Laconium

The massage on tap for today is a 110 minute Canyon Ranch massage.  Nina has talented hands and puts me into a blissful state (after she finds all the sore spots and wails on me).

For dinner tonight I am going to visit the Carillon Lounge.  The lounge is a small, intimate area where you can order from the complete dinner menu or just get a snack.  I haven’t decided and order a “Perfect 10” cocktail to help me decide.  It is a mixture of Pineapple Juice, Vanilla Vodka and Cava and is truly perfect.


Happy, happy
Happy, happy

One order of their famous Artichoke “Fries” later and I have decided that life is pretty good at the Ranch.  My friend, Tony (Bourdain), will be premiering his show – Parts Unknown – from Spain tonight and I want to make sure to see it. (thanks for the tip, Mom and Dad).  It starts at 9:00 so I order a Kale Salad to go and take it back to my room.  (I know, I know. Kale Salad???  Hey – this is a fitness/wellness resort.  When in Rome…)

Looks pretty good, right?
Looks pretty good, right?

The salad is great, Tony is on the tube and I am eating in my pj’s.  How’s that for high living?


3 thoughts on “Back for More

  1. I’d be happy hanging in the spa … Forget about the classes! I too watched Tony. Granada looks like an interesting place. Glad you got to spend some time with the boys.

  2. Sure glad the boys were able to find you. They looked fresh.
    We’re glad you were able to watch Tony while enjoying that wonderful kale salad.

    1. The boys looked great! I am so glad we connected and had a leisurely breakfast together. We will be meeting again for the final time tomorrow evening (Wednesday). Then we will be traveling back up the coast (by car!) together.

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