I Could Get Used to This

Monday, September 23, 2013
0 Miles

Morning arrives in Miami to overcast skies.  It is kind of nice and I like it. My plan for this morning is to have a small bite to eat at the cafe while working on this blog.  It will be a nice change of scenery (looking out my window at the ocean gets so tiring…) This will be my pre-breakfast before I start my workouts today. I order a cappucino and a scone (Canyon Ranch style) and settle in.
9:00 rolls around quickly – time to go.  I have decided to attend another 20-10 Fierce! class this morning. It was a really tough workout on Saturday, but I felt great (when it was over!) Today’s class has a lot more participants – about 10 – and a different instructor (Susie).  She puts us through our paces at breakneck speed.  I have to hold myself back from looking at the clock. It is better not to know. Just when I am thinking I cannot take any more, it is time to cool down and stretch.  Yay!

I did it!
I did it!

Time for my real, protein-packed breakfast.  I see my favorite server – Josue – and ask to sit at his station.  He immediately asks if I want a Cappucino and an Eezz’s carrot juice! I go for the buffet again today – yogurt/granola to start. Then I order my poached eggs with crab and spinach. It is yummy, but too much to handle this morning.  I ask Josue to box up the fruit for later.

Love the Greek yogurt and granola
Love the Greek yogurt and granola

I loved the Burdenko Water class a couple of days ago and I really liked it.  It is being held again today so I decide to take it again. It is nice and overcast which makes me feel good about being outside (don’t worry – I am using sunscreen and h my a hat!) Great class again today and I choose to stay for the next class that is held in the same pool – H2O Power:

H20 Power – A challenging aerobic conditioning class in shallow and deep water.

H2O Power is a fun class as well.  Carl (one of my Zumba teachers)is the instructor and he is a riot.  This class is fast moving and tough.  Feels great to be in the pool while working out – no sweating!

I am going to take it easy for the remainder of the day.  I feel like I have already put in my time today. After chilllin’ at the pool it is time for “Intro to Qi Gong”:

Introduction to Qigong (20 min) -Learn the basic concepts and practices you need to refine and develop your Qigong practice (pronounced “chee-gong”). Great for first time practitioners, and anyone who wants to refine and perfect their Qigong form.

There are only 2 of us in the classroom along with the instructor.  This class is an explanation of basic Qi Gong that you should take before stepping into the next class.  The instructor explains the ancient Chinese practice of breathing and capturing your “Chi” and how it all relates to wellness/healing, etc.  I am not really buying it, but decide to stick around and take the actual class.  The other participant bugs out.

I am the only one in the actual Qi Gong class:

QiGong- Soothe away stress through the fusion of love and power in this dynamic and alluring ancient Chinese (Qigong= “Chee-gong”) practice. Enhance endurance, energy and relaxation. Appropriate for all levels.

Ok.  I will admit it was interesting but it is kind of “out there.”.  Basically it was 45 minutes of standing with your lower body very still and moving your arms very, very slowly in different ways to gather and hold your energy.  Meditative.  It was ok, but most likely not something that I would try again. However, that is why I am here – to try things I don’t always have access to.  I am trying to keep a very open mind.

Almost time for my spa treatment – best part of the day!  Today’s treatment is the Tropical Rainshower Experience:

Energizing Tropical Rainshower

An uplifting and mentally energizing treatment inspired by the tropical abundance of the Sunshine State. Your therapist uses natural tropical products to exfoliate your skin before enveloping you in an invigorating, full-body mask. Then, as gentle steam helps your skin soak up the active ingredients, you experience a blissful, mentally uplifting head massage. Finally, a Tropical Rainshower rinses you clean, leaving soft, hydrated skin and a mind that’s clear and refreshed. 50 or 100 minutes (longer treatment includes full-body massage).

Tanya leads me into the treatment room and explains the procedure.  She will exfoliate my skin with coconut milk and sugar and then will apply a mask.  Everything smells tropical and awesome. She opens up a large curtain and tells me that after that I will climb into the “time capsule!”  It is kind of like an MRI machine that infuses your skin with steam.  My head will be sticking out and she will oil my hair and give me a scalp massage.

Everything goes great and just when I think I have had quite enough steam (pretty warm) she tells me she will now turn on the Tropical Shower. Within the capsule there are gentle streams and sprays of warm water from every angle. It feels amazing.

When all the “stuff” is rinsed off I get back on the massage table and Tanya proceeds with a full body massage.  She tells me she is known as the “deepest” therapist.  I believe it. She asks if I play any sports and when I tell her I am a golfer she knows exactly where to find all my sore spots and wails on them. I would definitely come back just to have a massage from her. She finishes up with a more relaxing style and I am completely relaxed and feeling great.

I went outside for a while at dusk.  The temperature is perfect and it is a beautiful night.

Dinner will start at the lounge again tonight.  I started with a glass of Malbec and the bartender talked me into the Yucca “fries.” They come with a cilantro/habanero dipping sauce and were amazing.
Last night I really enjoyed having a drink and appetizer at the bar and then ordering food to go.It is so much better than ordering room service – the entire menu is available and I also get to feel like I went “out” by spending a bit of time at the bar first. I decided to do the same tonight.  After all, the premier of The Voice is on television and I LOVE that show! I ordered the 4oz Tenderloin with sauteed kale and took it up to my room.
Another great, full day at the Ranch.  I am not ready to leave tomorrow. This stay has got me thinking that I would love to spend some time at the Canyon Ranch in Tucson. (hint, hint) Tomorrow is my last day here and I am not sure yet how long I will stay.  Maybe just take one or two classes and then head out.  I only have a short (15 minute) drive to get to my next destination…


6 thoughts on “I Could Get Used to This

  1. Last time when you got your chakras aligned, you hit a hole in one. Better go golfing while your chi is balanced and see if you get your fourth ace!

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