Way Down Here in Key West

Thursday, September 26, 2013
0 Miles

Rich and Jack slept the “sleep of the dead” last night.  I swear Rich did not move a muscle all night.  They were happy with an actual mattress (even if if was a sofa bed) and especially happy with the A/C after a sweltering night spent in their tents at Bahia Honda State Park last night.

Golf day today. We have a 9:15 tee time at Key West Golf Club – the only public golf course in the Keys.  Rich and I played it 3 years ago when we stayed in Islamorada.  There are practically no other golfers so the course is ours just like we like it.IMG_9231

The course winds its way around a housing complex with typical West Indies style cottages. Iguanas skitter and scamper all along the mangroves and cart path.  While the course is not really in pristine condition (lots of work being done), the greens are in decent shape and I have a good round.

Lots of these guys running around.
Lots of these guys running around.

I don’t remember anything about the course from our previous time until we get to a par 3 on the back 9. The memory of that hole comes flooding back to me immediately.  It is about a 130 year full carry over thick mangroves with a bunker between the mangroves and the green and a bunker in back. I remember 3 years ago thinking I might as well just take a ball and toss it into the middle of the mangroves.  Today I am thinking that I have a chance to make it over.


Will he make it?
Will he make it?

ich and Jack both tee off and their balls slide out to the left – possibly lost.  I hit my ball pretty good – just a bit to the right.  We drive up to the green hoping to find three balls.  We find only one.  Mine!  I ended up pin high just right of the green.  Too bad I didn’t hit the ball straight.  Very glad to get this hole out of the way. We all decide it is a “stupid” hole.

After golf we head back home looking for a lunch spot on the way.  Yelp leads us to Ana’s Cuban Cafe.  Great find.  We order Cuban sandwiches: Roast Pork for me, Cheese and Tomato for Jack and Ropa Vieja for Rich.  I also order an Avocado/Onion Salad and Rich has a Key Lime Milkshake that is super yummy.

The sandwiches are on delicious fresh bread and are HUGE.  My avocado salad is wonderful with fresh lime and sweet onion. This is a popular spot and it is relaxing to sit outside and people watch. I can already see a nap in my future.

The remainder of the aftenoon is spent napping, blogging and visiting the deserted pool area of the Douglas House. We love having it all to ourselves.

garden at Douglas House
garden at Douglas House



Focus on the Positive!

Dinner choices abound in this town and we want something we can walk to.  Jack gets on FourSquare on his phone and starts reeling off possibilities.  When he gets to Square One Restaurant we stop him.  Jack tells us it is approximately 88 yards from where we are! However, he doesn’t know in which direction.  I suggest we get out my 9 iron and some balls.  I will hit several shots in different directions and will ask the restaurant to let us know when one reaches them…

Duvall Square
Duvall Square

Square One is located in a side plaza off the main drag.  The entire plaza looks really nice.  It is all lit up and there is live music (bass guitar/keyboard) outside at Square One.  We choose an outside table and settle in.

When Rich sits down on Jack’s side of the table I ask him if he doesn’t want to sit with me?  This leads to a Rich stating that he imagines all along their bike trip that people were wondering if he and Jack were a “couple.” (not that there’s anything wrong with that) Picture the two men arriving in their spandex bike shorts at a redneck cafe in Florida or having pizza delivered to their “shared” motel room. We laugh and laugh and I can’t resist taking a picture of the happy couple.

Two old queens?
Two old queens?

The cocktail menu is studied.  They have a lot of interesting concoctions on it. Rich orders a Hollywood Margarita, I have a Sparkling Ginger (with prosecco) and Jack even dives in and orders a Mexican Mule (a take on a Moscow Mule, but with tequila instead of vodka).  We wonder how long it will take before the “mule” kicks him in the ass.

Mexican Mule anyone?
Mexican Mule anyone?

Our server laughs with us about Jack’s mule.  He is a fun server with a great Cuban accent.  Later Rich tells me that with the accent and the mincing around, he reminds him of Agador Spartacus from the Birdcage movie with Robin Williams.  Yes!

The dinner menu is studied.  We order several plates to share: Conch Ceviche, Beet Salad with Jicama, Vegetable Risotto and the Hogfish special with spinach. We enjoy tasting bits and bites of everything.  The beet salad is the winner.

Conch Ceviche
Conch Ceviche
Beet Salad
Beet Salad

All throughout dinner we periodically hear a strange screeching sound.  At first we think it is someone’s unruly child, but then we look out onto the plaza and see two beautiful large parrots!



Nice evening in Key West tonight.  The 88 yard stroll back to our home takes us past a few cute shops.  I especially like the clever sign on this one:



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