Starting the Trek Northward

Friday, September 27, 2013
324 Miles

Time to turn this party around and start the long haul towards home. First, we must pack everything back into the SUV.  I am somewhat discombobulated because the car has gotten so unorganized.  I am thinking we need to completely empty the car and start fresh so that we will be able to get to the items we need when they are needed.  Jack’s suggestion is to just “throw everything in and deal with it later.”  I will try to live with that option since it seems much easier.

Rich says this won't fit.
Rich says this won’t fit.
I can make it fit - quick, close the hatch!
I can make it fit – quick, close the hatch!

Since I had a couple of days off my workouts I decided I had to try and get back into the swing.  I started out the morning with last Friday’s workout sent from Levi.  Feels pretty good.

The drive out of Key West is easy – there is only one way out.  We make a breakfast stop in Big Pine Key at the Big Pine Cafe.Jack and Rich had lunch there on their way down.

The breakfast menu looked great.  I had the special California Benedict which was poached eggs, tomatoes, spinach and guacamole (I skipped the sauce).  Rich had his usual 2X2X2 and Jack opted for the Veggie Skillet. Mine was outstanding!

Poached eggs with tomatoes and guacamole
Poached eggs with tomatoes and guacamole


We have a relatively short drive ahead of us today.  We are only going halfway up the Atlantic coast to Indialantic (close to Melbourne). We will spend the night, then golf in the morning before finishing the trip in Fernandina. Hwy 1 is a beautiful drive through the keys and the guys recall several places they visited on their journey.

We only made one more stop – Florida City -for gas/coffee/P.  Rich and Jack stayed in Florida City for one night.  Rich claims it is the “Anti-Orlando.”  (Disneyland is known as the Happiest Place on Earth so you can imagine what he thinks about Florida City).

There was one snafu when Lexi (our navi system) tried to keep us on the Florida Turnpike which is a toll road.  Rich wanted to zip over to the parallel road (I-95) and Jack pulled up a map on his phone to direct Rich.  We exited the toll road which resulted in paying a toll.  Then we had to make a U-turn, ended up back on the toll road and had to pay ANOTHER toll before actually exiting onto the road they wanted.  I surmised that it probably would have been cheaper to just stay on the Turnpike to begin with…

Nevertheless, we made it to Indialantic in the late afternoon and easily found the Seascape Motel.The Seascape is one of those old Florida Mom/Pop motels that line Hwy A1A. It is definitely not luxurious, but it got great reviews on TripAdvisor and it is right on the beach.  Looks like it will work fine for one night.

When we went to check in at the office, we find that they have a welcome sign with our name on it! Our room is just right with a sofa bed for Jack (sorry, Jack) and a little kitchen.


Rich wants to take a little nap.  Since I napped in the car I want to check out the beach.  It is pretty and deserted.

Rich is beat.
Rich is beat.
Backyard of Seascape
Backyard of Seascape



Dinnertime rolls around and I am thinking Italian.  Villa Palma gets rave rewiews on Yelp and it is only a mile away.  Sounds great.  All except for one thing.  We forget that it is Friday night.  When we arrive at Villa Palma we are greeted less than warmly by the hostess when she figures out we don’t have a reservation.  This seems to throw her completely into a tizzy. We wait while she continues to welcome all the “reservations” that come through the door.  She puts on a fine act to let us know that we are less important.  Finally she tells us that she needs to make sure all her “reservations” are here and seated and only then will whe see if she has room for us.  No, thank you.  We turn around and go a block down the road to Petrillo’s Italian (also great reviews on Yelp).

What a difference.  We feel it immediately when we walk in and the hostess actually smiles. Our server is pleasant and takes our order right away.  All the regular Italian fare is here.  Jack orders Manicotti (with white sauce thank you very much), Rich has the Seafood Pasta and I go for Eggplant Parm.
A beautiful basket of rolls come out and we are all anticipating their soft garlick-y goodness.  We are all disappointed to bite into one only to find out they are less than fresh and not even garlick-y.  Oh well – they look good.

Great looking, but halivente (don't worry, that is a Weisling word)
Great looking, but halivente (don’t worry, that is a Weisling word)

Our meals arrive and are regular good Italian dinners.  Rich wins the coveted “Phil Denisuk” award for ordering the best thing.
When dinner is finished it is time to return to the Seascape and watch Shark Tank.  Tomorrow we must pack up and leave again.  We will be playing golf in Melbourne at 10:20 and need to leave around 8:00 in order to get breakfast first.  It has been a good wind down travel day and we are looking forward to our final day on the course with Jack before we all go our separate ways.


3 thoughts on “Starting the Trek Northward

    1. Ormond Beach – The Sun Deck Motel! Rich and I talked about it and the Quick and Tasty restaurant that had the sweaters. If you search for Quick and Tasty Ormond Beach you will find sites that sell old postcards with its picture. Evidently it is now gone and was a piece of Americana!

      1. I looked the postcards up on eBay. Sadly I didn’t recognize the Q&T … But I think that’s because they weren’t showing the sweaters!

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