The Final Leg for the 3 Amigos

Saturday, September 28, 2013
189 Miles

So much for cheap motels.  I tried.  I really did.  While the Seascape is as cute as it can be, unfortunately its charm cannot overshadow its lack of comforts.  Once again Jack has the sofa bed.  The “bed” in the Master BR is probably only a bit more comfortable.  Oh, and the overhead fan?  It comes down just about to Rich’s neck level.  It is a wonder he wasn’t decapitated.  The A/C while effective, sounds like a motorcycle when it cranks up.  The bathroom door sticks and doesn’t quite reach all the way to the top so if you leave the light on all night (just so you can see if you are going to run into the fan) the light floods the bedroom. However, it IS cheap…

Everything gets completely jammed into the car, lid gets closed before anything can come tumbling out and we are outta there.  First stop is the Blueberry Muffin Restaurant.  Fortunately we are here early on this Saturday. Evidently it is the local hot spot for Saturday breakfast and the place fills up.
IMG_9282Breakfast is great.  I have two poached eggs with tomatoes.  (Yes, that seems to be a theme with me).

Protein, baby
Protein, baby

Rich and Jack both have scrambled eggs and the signature Blueberry Muffin.  I sneak a taste  – they are really good.  As we pull out of the parking lot to make the 20 minute drive to Melbourne for golf, the skies look threatening.  I still can’t believe all the golf I have played while dodging the rain.  Today may be a different story.

Baytree National Golf Course is located in the middle of a nice neighborhood in Melbourne, FL.  They have had a lot of rain and it will be cart path only today – bummer.  As soon as we get started we realize that this could be a loong day.  The goobers in front of us are possibly the slowest walkers I have ever seen.  Jack claims he gets a free second tee shot every time we have to wait (which is every single tee box).
I have an ugly front 9, but then start to really pick it up on the back and par quite a few holes.  By Hole 16 the sky darkens, the wind picks up and it downpours. We just looks at each other, laugh and continue on!
The round was finally finished after a whopping 5 hours and 7 minutes (but who was counting?) That is going to make our 189 mile ride up to Fernandina seem very long. We are all good travelers and just go with the flow. All I can think of is that I want to get in early enough to throw in a load of laundry!

The drive to Fernandina is thankfully uneventful and dry. We have already discussed that we want pizza for dinner.  I am vying for a place downtown, but Rich has found out that the Alabama vs Ole Miss football game will be televised tonight.  He wants to order in.  Ugh!  He suggests we try to find a compromise.

I am struggling to come up with something when I remember that the pizza joint (Tony’s) where we ate our last night in Fernandina has televisions at every table!  Quite a compromise.

Jack and I once again share a Margarita Pizza and Rich opts for chicken, shrooms and spinach.  Everyone is happy!

They look pretty happy
They look pretty happy
Ole Miss vs Alabama (Bama is killing Ole Miss...)
Ole Miss vs Alabama (Bama is killing Ole Miss…)

Dinner is finished by halftime and we rush to our original condo so that Rich can finish the game.  But (gasp!) there is no ESPN!!!  Leave it to Rich – he manages to find the game online and streams it on his computer.  Me, I am happy to throw in a load of laundry and take a shower in a super clean bathroom…

Our last night together with Jack is relaxing and we re-hash all parts of the trip.  I think he and Rich are already planning their next ride. Tomorrow, Jack heads North back to Lawrenceville, GA. We will stark the move Westward toward home.  Tomorrow night we are planning to be in Biloxi, MS. More to come.


One thought on “The Final Leg for the 3 Amigos

  1. Are you finally realizing that CHEAP isn’t always worth it? Sounds like you guys have had a good time together. Happy trails home!

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