Go West, Young Man

Sunday, September 29, 2013

480 Miles

Goodbye day.  Jack will be driving 6 hours home to Lawrenceville, GA and we are taking off on a 8-9 hour drive to Biloxi, MS.  I sneak in a down and dirty workout (Levi’s 50 Workout) while the boys unpack and re-pack both vehicles.

IMG_9290It has been great traveling with Jack – he is probably the most easy going person I know (maybe even more than Rich, but that is impossible).  Rich claims the “ball is in your court” to Jack regarding the planning of their next bicycle adventure.  If you have any suggestions, let us know!

Bye, Jack!
Bye, Jack!

Back to just the two of us.  Our load in the car is considerably lighter.  We feel pretty much refreshed and ready to go.  There are several interesting stops planned before we arrive home in a week.

Just us.
Just us.

Interstate 10 stretches out before us and we are reminded that we could stay on it all the way home.  Rich takes us as far as Live Oak, FL – our breakfast spot. The Dixie Grill gets rave reviews on our buddy, Yelp.

IMG_9295This is definitely a “down home” place and full of locals.  We like it a lot.  Egg and bacon are ordered for both – with a side of grits.  We sit for a while with our coffee and eavesdrop on some of the bizarre conversations going on around us. “Don’t you remember, her husband hit her in the head with a hammer.  She is at the Head Trauma Center.”  “Did you hear that Joe Smith died?”  “Yep.”  “How about Bill Green? ” “Yep, he died, too.”  (this went on for quite a list of names…)


After breakfast I take over the wheel. We choose to jump off the Interstate and ride the parallel road – Hwy 90 for a while.  It is a nice road and we like to see the towns along the way. I take us all the way between Talahassee and Pensacola and then Rich brings us “home” to Biloxi.

We will be staying at the Palace Casino – quite a departure for us, but it sounded interesting.  And, it is SMOKE FREE!! I have lined up two golf courses (one for tomorrow and one for Tuesday) and am also thinking I will do a little gambling.

Biloxi certainly has changed since we went to school at Ole Miss. The shoreline is literally lined up with huge casino hotels.  I am sure they bring in a lot of much-needed revenue to the state (I am also sure I will make a contribution!)


Reception at the Palace
Reception at the Palace

Here’s a first:  they have a “Champagne Check-in!”  No complaints here, but we figure they want you to get hammered before going in a gaming.


Our room is very nice – a corner suite with sort of water views out one window and real water views out the other:


If you look really far at the horizon (over the garage roof!) you can barely see the gulf.
If you look really far at the horizon (over the garage roof!) you can barely see the gulf.
The second window has a much better view.
The second window has a much better view.

We get settled in and go down to walk around and “pre-game” at the casino.  There are several eating venues and we want to check them all out.  It was pretty much decided that we were going to eat at the Sports Grille, but it was very noisy in there.  We decided to first get a drink in the quiet lounge of their signature restaurant – Mignons. (Sorry, no more pics.  Cameras are frowned upon in the casino).

A really nice single woman sat down beside me and it was obvious she is a regular.  She asked for a menu.  Oh.  Who knew you could eat at the bar?  We then asked for our own menu.  The woman was super friendly and we three enjoyed  laughing and chatting together.

For dinner we ordered 1/2 dozen oysters, a caesar salad and a Kobe burger all to share. The oysters were super fresh, the salad was great, but the burger was outstanding!  The bacon and the bun almost stole the show from the Kobe beef.

After dinner I was ready for action.  Rich really doesn’t care to gamble so he went back to the room to relax and watch some tv.  I played for a couple of hours and didn’t come out too bad.  I had a blast and certainly paid for my evening’s entertainment.

Our tee time is late tomorrow (noon) so we can finally sleep in and take our time getting to the course.  All is quiet in our room.


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