A Little More Family Time

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

389 Miles

Foggy morning in Eunice today.  I jump on the “And Jacks” workout that Levi sent me and then we are ready to go.  A quick breakfast is eaten in the breakfast (Raisin Bran, etc). While Rich packs up he is gnawed on by several hungry mosquitos.  How do folks live in such humid conditions???

IMG_9347This morning’s route takes us through some nice countryside in rural Louisiana.  Did you know they grow rice in Louisiana?  I didn’t.  We soon end up on the interstate and the miles click by.

We are heading to Rich’s sister’s house (Betsy) where we will stay and visit with her and her two children (Abby and David) for a couple of days.  We haven’t seen them in a while and are looking forward to re-connecting with family.  Bets lives in Keller, TX which is a suburb of Dallas.

The Big D in Texas
The Big D in Texas

Traffic is a little hairy around Dallas but fortunately we are too eary for the real rush hour.  We skirt around all the construction that is going on and make it to Keller without incident!


The afternoon is spent catching up with Bets and the kids.  They have gotten so big!  Abby graced us with a flute concert that was wonderful.  That kid has talent! It is a good thing I snapped a couple of pictures here because I soon found out that she refuses to have her picture taken.

Caught her with this one!
Caught her with this one!
That was all she wrote (too bad because she is a cutie)
That was all she wrote (too bad because she is a cutie)
Bets and Rich are catching up
Bets and Rich are catching up

Rich and I go with Bets to pick up David at high school.  He is a Cross Country runner on the track team and has stayed for after school practice. We can’t believe how he has grown up.

Dinner prep
Dinner prep

Bets prepares dinner for us with Roast Pork, Cauliflower, Broccoli and noodles.  We all enjoy sitting in her dining room and especially looking at all the family pics on her walls.


The kids head upstairs to finish homework (I remember those days) and the three adults sit an chat for awhile.  It is really nice to have a couple of “down” days here in Keller.


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