Day Off in Keller

Thursday, October 3, 2013
0 Miles

Family time in Keller.  Not many pics so this will be short and sweet.

Bets, Rich and I went to one of her favorite places for breakfast/brunch: Stevie’s Diner.
The inside of Stevie’s is a throwback to the 1960’s. There are great old album covers all along the walls and we had fun pointing out the ones that we all remember.  This was back when album art was at its peak.  Stevie’s serves typical diner fare and I got back on my poached eggs kick (benedict without the hollandaise).

I never make these at home - they will be missed.
I never make these at home – they will be missed.

I got dumped back at “home” while Rich and Bets took off to buy a new patio table.  We were afraid that 3 people AND the table would not fit into the SUV. I fit in Levi’s Day Two workout and then passed out on the sofa. They came back with the goods and Rich was set up for an afternoon project of putting the table together while Betsy and I chatted.

We picked up Dave from school, visited with him a bit before he had to leave.  Abby opted out of going with us to dinner so we just hoofed it to Baja Grill where the Margaritas were killer.
IMG_9362Food wasn’t bad either!

Great carnitas!
Great carnitas!
Bets enjoys a Spinach Quesadilla
Bets enjoys a Spinach Quesadilla

Back at home we managed to sneak in several hands of cards (Crazy 8’s, Kings in the Corner and 3 person War) with Abby before her bedtime.  She won all 3 games!

Since we have a long drive in the morning we turned in early.  It has been a really short, but great visit with Bets and her kids.  We are very happy that we made the stop in Keller!


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