Great Day in Albuquerque

Saturday, October 5, 2013
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Last golf day of the trip.  Thank Heaven our tee time is late (10:00) because it is COLD.  I have time to fit in a YAYOG workout before breakfast.

The hotel has slipped vouchers under our door for breakfast at their restaurant.  That makes it easy.  They have a buffet, but we choose to order off the menu. I continue my poached eggs quest and order them with tomatoe and asparagus.  Rich has French Toast.

Off we go to the Santa Ana Golf Club.  On the way we pass the park that is the headauarters of the Balloon Fiesta. Looking into the sky we see probably a hundred balloons floating around!  They all look way cool. There is one that is shaped like a hummingbird that is especially groovy.


The hummingbird is just to the right of the post - try zooming to see it.
The hummingbird is just to the right of the post – try zooming to see it.

Santa Ana Golf Club looks great.  The staff is very nice and we end up getting paired up with Scott and Phil – two really fun guys. What a beautiful track. The Sandia Peaks loom in the background and the course is in great shape.  It is not too difficult, but has its moments.  The greens are super fast and you do NOT want to be above the hole (which we seem to be on every approach!)

There was one hole in particular that had an interesting challenge.  Both Rich and I hit our tee shots into the water. When we drove up to retrieve them and take our penalties, we see that they are only slightly in the water.  Mine is sitting in a couple inches of grass and water and Rich’s is sitting in the mud and water.  We both decide to hit our balls out of the water – why not?
Unfortunately, Rich’s ball came off the toe and went back into the water.

Rich took a video of my water shot. Check it out HERE.  Mine actually was a great shot and allowed me to wind up sitting 2 instead of 3.  Fun!

Tonight we have a dinner reservation at Los Poblanos.  Somehow I found this place online and it captured my attention.  Los Poblanos is an historic inn and organic farm. They offer “Farm to Table” dinner to non-guests at their restaurant – La Merienda. I made this reservation a couple of months ago and have really been looking forward to wrapping up our trip here.

Driving the twenty minutes to Los Poblanos takes us to  a part of Alququerque that is kind of out of the way.  The entrance is enchanting in the dark with a long, tree-lined driveway.  It is really dark out here – there are just a few well-placed lights to direct you from the parking lot to the inn. We feel we have found a secret place.

We are greeted at the door by Michelle (our server) and wished “Happy Anniversary!” (I had forgotten that I told them it was our anniversary.  Hey, we can celebrate al year long if we want.) She shows us to an intimate table for two and suggests that we enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne.  Twist my arm.

The menu looks fantastic and I want to order one of everything. We settle on the cheese plate to start and then will see where we want to go after that.  Would we like a drizzle of the 16 year old balsamic with that.  Are you kidding me?  Yes, please.


The cheese plate is perfect.  One of the best we have had (yes, Poncelet).  The accompaniments that come with it are outstanding.  We have three cheeses: Tartanaise with Plum Mostarda and house made date/walnut crackers, A smoked Point Reyes Blue (smoked over hazlenuts) paired with tiny slices of Bourbon Gelee and house made water crackers, and a super creamy Brie (that even Rich loved) with Fig Preserves and house made Graham Crackers.  We enjoyed every last morsel.

Cheese board
Cheese board
the aftermath
the aftermath

After the cheese appetizer we decided to split just one entree.  Tough choice but Michelle tipped the scales when she told us the duck was her favorite.  Omg. We both paired the duck with a glass of Malbec that was perfect.

Smoked Muscovy Duch
Smoked Muscovy Duck

As usual, we closed down the place.  Put Los Poblanos on your short list if you are even close to Albuquerque.  It is definitely on our list to make a couple of night’s stop – stay at the Inn and dine at La Merienda.

When we return to the Crowne Plaza the entire parking lot is full.  What is going on?  Balloonia?  We stop into the bar to ask Don and find out that there is a wedding, the “loonies” AND a Mixed Martial Arts gathering.  Great.  Hope they don’t plan on partying all night cause we are crashing and burning.

Tomorrow we make the final circuit of our trip and go directly home. I am kind of ready to be home, but I am not sure I am ready to end this adventure.


3 thoughts on “Great Day in Albuquerque

  1. That duck was drool-worthy. Smoky and tender. Paired (in every bite) with parsnip puree, parsnip chips, plum sauce and greens. Unbelievable.

    And I hate to compare any cheese plate to Poncelet, but this one was worthy. Every little drop of balsamic was intense! My favorite was the Point Reyes Blue with the bourbon jelly. Linda freaked over the plum moutarda.

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