Whoa Pardner

Tues, May 13, 2014

Yes, we are already getting behind on our blog.  Sorry, but we are too busy and having too much fun.  We hope to post within the next couple of days and hope you will stay tuned.  Wyoming is amazing!



5 thoughts on “Whoa Pardner

  1. Amazing! Golf course looked good,as well as your stands! How was the Lamb? Pebbles loves Bison (raw)!!! Can’t wait to see Alaska! Lesia

  2. What did you think about the voice? I had to wait a day to see who made it to the final 3!! There were so many good singers I can’t imagine anyone of them going home….to have a voice like that (I would give up my golf) oh well!! Didn’t you just want to sing the hills are alive with music when you were at that golf course with the mountains filled with snow across from you!! So lovely…

    1. Leesh, you would adore it here. The Voice? I think I am happy with the final three. I like all of them, but am a bit partial to the “good ol boy” country singer. How about you?

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