Golf Among the Bison

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another great workout this morning. I think Rich is actually enjoying this routine.  I am very thankful to have a proper gym for a few days.  Since no one else is here, it feels like our own personal fitness center.

At breakfast today it is all I can do not to order the trout again.  However I opt for the “Healthy Breakfast” of egg whites, grilled tomatoes, grilled asparagus, cottage cheese and fruit.  Bring on the protein! Rich goes for the Benedict with Snake River Farms Kurobuta ham.

Healthy and delicious
Healthy and delicious
Not as healthy, but just as delicious (more?)
Not as healthy, but just as delicious (more?)

Our server is Ashley and she is a doll.  We engage her in conversation and find out she is from San Diego and has just made it through her first winter here in Jackson.  She is a delight to talk to.  Once again we draw out breakfast for over an hour and enjoy every moment.

The plan today is to golf (gasp) at Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis.  We passed by the turnoff on our Teton trip yesterday and it looks like it backs right up to the mountain range.  Should be awesome. (the scenery, that is; not the golf) When we make the turn off the main road we find that there is a little neighborhood around the course.  Looks mostly empty – probably full up in the summer.  The course looks like it is in great condition and we are welcomed at the Pro Shop.

I have never seen a practice putting green quite like this
I have never seen a practice putting green quite like this

The course is difficult – trees, bumpy greens and lots of bunkers.  Not to mention the fact that I chose to play the ridiculously long (for me) tees at almost 6,000 yds.  Oh well – the scenery is incredible. So what if you play like a dog?

Hard to concentrate with scenery like this at every turn
Hard to concentrate with scenery like this at every turn

We encountered a large surprise on one of the early par threes:


Try making a shot while wondering when these big boys are going to charge!
Try making a shot while wondering when these big boys are going to charge! How are we going to move our cart along the path???

The bison give us an evil eye as we pass through, but they are basically unconcerned.  We also saw several groups of elk along the way.  So unique and fun.



Rich had a great round, I had an ok round and we both loved being out there.  It was probably the nicest day they have had since last year.  Weather was perfect.

The round was finished around 5pm and we have dinner reservations in town at 8:00.  We planned to hang around town and mess around rather than return to the “Seasons.”  The first order of business is Happy Hour at the Silver Dollar Saloon inside the historic Wort Hotel in Jackson Hole.


There is already a lively bar crowd and we snag bar stools up at the bar.  A couple of beers are odered and we settle in.

There are over 2,000 silver dollars imbedded in the bar top
There are over 2,000 uncirculated 1921 Morgan silver dollars imbedded in the bar top

I am getting hungry and don’t think I can wait until 8 for dinner so I phone the Blue Lion restaurant and ask to change our reservation to 7:00.  No problem.  This gives us just enough time to make the circuit around the cute town square.

No elk were harmed in the making of this arch!
No elk were harmed in the making of this arch!



We ducked into a couple of tourist shops and had fun looking at all the brick-a-brac:

I LOVE this.  I NEED this.
I LOVE this. I NEED this.
Rich, Elk, Bison...
Rich, Elk, Bison…
no explanation necessary
no explanation necessary

Time to walk to dinner.  We saw this unique fence along the way:

Only in Jackson would you find a fence made of skis
Only in Jackson would you find a fence made of skis

Dinner tonight is at the highly acclaimed Blue Lion restaurant.  It is located just off the square in a charming old house.  Good thing we had reservations – we saw them turn two parties away that were trying to “walk in.”


We were shown a nice little table for two that appeared to be great until we realized the party of 8 adjacent to us was completely ripped.  Not only that, their loud voices and inappropriate language was just too much for a tiny place such as this.  Rich quietly went up to the front and asked if we could be moved.  Fortunately the primo table by the window had just been vacated. Ah.  This is much better.

We order the special items from their menu – Elk steak and Rack of Lamb.  Rich’s came with a lovely dinner salad while I opted for the heirloom tomato Caprese salad. (If you follow this blog, you know that I hardly ever turn down a Caprese).

beautiful Caprese
beautiful Caprese
Elk loin
Elk loin
Rack of Lamb
Rack of Lamb

The Elk was delicious, but the lamb clearly wins the prize.  We ditched all decorum and picked them up like little lollipops to gnaw on. This was a fantastic dinner and we are so glad we chose to dine here.

A short drive later and we are back “home” at the Seasons.  We are greeted by name by both the valet and the front desk and asked how our golf and dinner were.  I think they must know our every move. We asked at the front desk if we could have a late checkout tomorrow (with the Amex program you are supposed to receive a late checkout “if available.”)  I am quite disappointed when we are told we can only stay until noon since someone will be checking into our room.  What?  You have hundreds of rooms here and are obviously not full… Oh well, I guess we will have to pack up and go in the morning. I am left wondering where the “of course” attitude has gone.

When we arrived back up at our room I noticed that at each electronic device (ipads, laptop, etc) there were little Four Seasons logo cleaning cloths.  Just another touch that I am going to miss when we leave here.

How nice
How nice

Another great day in Jackson Hole has come to an end.  I am truly going to hate to leave this luxury paradise.  We will be driving to Yellowstone tomorrow and staying in the old original section of the Old Faithful Inn.  There will be no a/c, no tv and no wi-fi. The bathroom is down the hall… Can she handle it?

Read up now because it will be a couple of days before we can post again.  See you later!





4 thoughts on “Golf Among the Bison

  1. I’ll be looking forward to seeing your new “cap” on the cruise. Are you sure you want to leave Four Seasons???

    1. I am not sure the fellow passengers on our cruise would truly appreciate my new cap… Hey – ONE WEEK and we will be on the boat!!

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