Seattle Discoveries

Sunday, June 1, 2014

So nice to see my new “babies” when I wake up today:


They make me smile every time I see them.  We giggle thinking what the housekeeper will think when she lays her eyes on them…

I head downstairs for a workout in the fitness center. Rich chooses to have a “lie in” this morning.

Rich’s “workout”

The Georgian Room is packed when we arrive for brunch around 11:00 – it is Sunday after all.  Our peaceful, civilized breakfast room has been taken over.  There are even children (gasp!) This morning I decide I don’t want anything on the menu and ask for exactly what I want: 2 poached eggs, sauteed spinach, sliced tomatoes and a fruit plate.  Hugo (or server) doesn’t bat an eyelash at my personal request.  Rich is not very hungry and opts for Raisin Bran.

Exactly what I wanted
Exactly what I wanted
Exactly what Rich wanted.
Exactly what Rich wanted.
Good morning!
Good morning!

Once again, we have no specific plans for today.  This mode is a bit out of my comfort zone (being the MP that I am – that’s Master Planner for those who don’t know).  However, I am beginning to like it.  Neither of us had any major sites that we had to see in Seattle so we are content to wander and see what turns up.

We decide to go in the general direction of the Space Needle with the thought that we might go up inside when we get there.  The day is beautiful and the walk takes us through some nice neighborhoods.

Rich is sort of on a quest for donuts.  He has had a hankerin’ for a couple of days now and just hasn’t quite found what he is looking for – the perfect creme-filled donut.  This could be the place!

We went in, but did not make a purchase. Later we found out from Yelp that this is one of the top rated donut shops in Seattle!




We wandered all around the Space Needle area.  There are great grassy areas, the Chihuly Glass Museum, concert venues and lots of people milling about.


Very cool maze structure where we chased each other around a bit!
Very cool maze structure where we chased each other around a bit!

When we saw this building and looked on the map it said it was the EMP Museum.  I remember reading just a blurb about it and thought it might be interesting.


We went inside the EMP Museum just to see what they had to offer.  We were told it is the “Experience Music Project” and there are exhibits on Music and Pop Culture.  The person at the front assured us we would like it.  Admission is steep – $23/person – but we bite the bullet.

Best $46 we spent all day!  This place is absolutely amazing.  Who knew? This is what their website says: EMP is a leading-edge, nonprofit museum, dedicated to the ideasa nd risk-taking that fuel contemporary popular culture. Yes.



This sculpture is so cool.  Some of the guitars have one string with pads for many different fret positions and pics set for playing. They are hooked up to a computer and the whole things plays music.  Hard to describe, but fascinating to watch and listen.


Great Jimi Hendrix gallery with original outfits and tons of memorabilia.
Great Jimi Hendrix gallery with original outfits and tons of memorabilia.
Great section on the history of Music Videos.  Rich is listening to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.
Great section on the history of Music Videos. Rich is listening to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

There was a huge section with interactive music studios where you could learn to play guitar, keyboards, percussion, etc.  We played around in the mixing studio and watched others perform in their own music video.  Everything was set up great – educational and fun as well.

When we finished the music section we moved on to Horror:


And Science Fiction:



We played around with Special Effects:





The EMP museum was a great find – we spent several hours there.  At that point I was getting museum “burn out” and we decided to leave.  Anyone who loves music and pop culture needs to come here!

We did not go up into the Space Needle.  Hopefully, there will be a “next time.”


All that culture made us hungry.  We remembered passing an interesting cafe with outdoor seating along our stroll to the needle.


This place looks great.  We snag an outdoor table and look over the unusual menu:



Ok – we will not act like idiots here.  Rich suggests we order just a nibble like “steak bites.”  Then we can stop anywhere else that looks good and sort of nosh our way back. Sounds good to me.


The steak bites were surprisingly good!  They were tender chunks of sirloin, cooked just right and seasoned to perfection.  With a couple of beers, we were very happy to sit here for a while and soak in the afternoon.




We found ourselves back in the Pike Place Market area and passed by Piroshky Piroshky where I had wanted a bite yesterday.  Today there is no line!  Yay!  I order a chicken, mushroom and rice piroshky.  She tells me they are just out of the oven and are HOT.  She is right.



Just a short stroll away is a nice waterfront area where we find a bench to sit and enjoy our treat.  It is just as good as we thought it would be.

Once again, we have to to uphill to get back home – that is the hardest part.  After we relax in the room (and I pack up all my stuff for tomorrow) we start thinking about dinner.  We have only had a couple of nibbles this afternoon and want just a little something else.  We don’t want to drive or even walk very far.  I remembered the Purple Wine Bar that is about 100 yards from the Fairmont.  Done.


The Purple Cafe and Wine Bar was a great choice for tonight. It is dark, laid back and has a cool vibe.  We are shown to a nice window table so we can watch all the people out and about.  The menu is nice small plates just as we like.

Notice the huge floor to ceiling wine cellar in the background

Rich orders a local white wine flight and I order the bubbles flight (Cava, Prosecco, and Champagne).  We settle on 3 small plates:  Quinoa and Arugula Salad, Roasted Caulifower (trust me on this one) and Grilled Calamari.

Roasted Cauliflower - this was the star of the show
Roasted Cauliflower – this was the star of the show

On the walk back (2 minutes) I notice once again a dress in a window that has caught my eye.  It is stunning – I can certainly see a movie star on the red carpet wearing this one:

Looks like a Monarch butterfly
Looks like a Monarch butterfly

We have had a very short time in Seattle and have to leave tomorrow.  It is definitely a city that we would like to return to in the future.  Off to Canada tomorrow!


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    1. Like I have so many places I could wear it in Mesa…! To the grocery maybe. It is gorgeous, though and I would love to see someone wear it.

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