Fantastic Day on the East Side of Vancouver Island – (second try)

**This is the second try at this post. The first one was eaten by WordPress (thanks for the head’s up, Janel).  It looked like we awoke and went straight for the pub!  Hopefully, this one will come out ok.***

Thursday, June 5, 2014

What a fine place to wake up in.  The birds are chirping all around and the sun is gleaming.  I get up early with one thing on my mind … laundry! We have been piling is up for several weeks now and we finally have access to a washer/dryer.  Doing laundry at Inn the Estuary is really not all that bad.  The facilities are down a nice little path and Harold has put coves and seating areas everywhere. There is lots to discover on the way back and forth to the wash.




IMG_2138Between loads I have breakfast, blog and even manage to get in a nice workout.  With a view like we have it goes by quickly.

Tea, toast and blog
Tea, toast and blog

The agenda for today is to play golf at a nearby course – Fairwinds.  Marianne (our hostess) has set us up with an afternoon tee time and her guests receive a discount.  We haven’t golfed in several weeks and are itchin’ to swing the clubs.

Fairwinds Golf Course
Fairwinds Golf Course


It appears as if most players walk this course.  It is a beautiful day and we choose to walk as well. Push carts are provided.  Fairwinds is a beautiful track that has some very nice houses on it and lots of wildlife along the way.




IMG_2147Someone forgot to tell us that it is also very hilly.  After about 10 or 11 holes the walking has become a huge chore. I mean HUGE.  I love to walk when I golf, but this is 10 times harder to walk than my beloved Longbow at home. I am totally regretting my workout this morning. My poor foot has been given me trouble and this up and down hills is really putting a strain on it.  My dogs are barking and I am whining. (It doesn’t help that my golf is less than stellar.)

I may never walk again
I may never walk again

When we finish I feel like I have been “snatched through a knothole.”  I vow never to walk again.

Early dinner is called for.  We decide to drive into downtown Nanaimo and catch the ferry to Protection Island (10 minute ride) to eat/relax at the Dinghy Dock floating restaurant.  The ferry leaves Nanaimo every hour at 10 after.  We see that we are not going to make the next ferry so we mess around on our way down to the dock.

The coast road is really nice and there are lots of parks and hidden coves along our route.  We stop at several to take a gander.

Piper's Cove
Piper’s Cove

Time to make our way to the ferry dock. The Protection Island Ferry dock is very easy to find.  We get on board the “Waiting Room” boat to wait for the ferry to the restaurant.  I am actually surprised when it starts to fill up.


waiting room for the ferry
waiting room for the ferry

I think the fare is $9 per person, but Harold has given us coupons for a free ride.  Thanks!


The Dinghy Dock Floating Pub and Restaurant is obviously the place to be.  It really is floating and we choose a spot outdoors to look out towards Nanaimo.  It is fun to watch the boaters in their dinghys zoom up to the restaurant.  This place is hoppin’.

prime table
prime table

Appetizers are ordered – Prawns with a Chipotle butter dipping sauce and calamari.  Great choices to go with a couple of beers.  We feel like we are in the Caribbean!

I mention to Rich that he has taken no pictures of me today.  I am beginning to wonder if I even exist…?  He obliges.

I exist!


prawns with chipotle butter dipping sauce - yummy!
prawns with chipotle butter dipping sauce – yummy!

We sit for quite a while soaking up the atmosphere.  There is a Music Trivia contest just beginning and we wish we had signe up – we didn’t realize.  It is fun to try and guess the answers anyway.  I am sure we would have won.

A burger is ordered to be shared. People are coming and going all the time from this little place.  When we look at the time we see that the next ferry is just about ready to leave here to return to Nanaimo and we don’t want to miss it.  This was a great spot to spend a lazy late afternoon/evening.

The return to our place is quick and painless.  It stays light out so late that we never even have to drive in the dark.  An attempt is made to finish the movie that we started last night (The movie was “W” about President George W. Bush).  I think Rich finished it, but I crashed and burned again before it ended. No great loss.

I go to sleep wondering what we might find to do tomorrow.


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