Turning South (Inching Our Way Towards Home)

10 06 2014

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This is our final morning in our little Mud Flat paradise.  I am sorry to have to leave.  Michelle is out on the deck by 8am for yoga and I choose to join her again today.  I have really enjoyed practicing with her and I don’t want to miss a thing.

Doing the best I can

Doing the best I can

At the end of our session we take our mats out to the end of the jetty and meditate.  It is not as corny as it sounds.  Such a nice beginning to the day.)After a breakfast of Michelle’s home made granola (awesome, by the way) and almond milk, it is time to pack up.  We say our goodbyes to Al and Michelle and are on our way back East, then South.

Michelle and Al

Michelle and Al

Both of us have a slight sense of melancholy today.  We realize that we are now making the turn to head southward and that means heading home. We still have another week or so on the road, but the end of this epic journey is nearing. We have to backtrack a bit today because there really is only one way to get to Victoria.

We make a few short stops here and there.  We make a stop in  Chemainus because the sign said they had “world famous murals.”  We didn’t even take any pictures…  Then I told Rich I wanted to stop in Cowichan Bay because another traveler had told me they were the beginning of the Slow Food movement.  We couldn’t even figure out exactly where to go so it was another boondoggle.  Then we see a sign from the highway saying “Scenic Village Road.”  Sounds good.  We ended up in Cowichan Bay right at the place the traveler was telling me about!


Cowichan Bay Village

The village is pretty cute and sure enough there are the shops I had read about: Hilary’s Cheese Shop and an organic bread place.  However, neither of us was really in the mood to shop.  We made a stop in a seafood market but did not make a purchase.

This guy wanted OUT!

This guy wanted OUT!

Onward.  We have rented a condo through Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBO) and the owner (Maureen) had emailed me to arrange to meet around 5pm.  We got there a little early and had to wait around for her.  Just when we were beginning to this this might be another boondoggle, Maureen shows up and leads us into our condo unit.  It is at the Mermaid building in Victoria and has a great view of the harbor.

Outside the Mermaid Building.

Outside the Mermaid Building.

Small, but cute and super clean

Small, but cute and super clean

Proper kitchen!

Proper kitchen!

Not really a bedroom, but a bedroom "nook"

Not really a bedroom, but a bedroom “nook”


View onto the harbor

View onto the harbor

I think we will be very happy here for the next 3 nights.  It has been a long travel day and we don’t really want to go to the grocery tonight.  The decision to meander around Victoria and then find dinner sounds pretty good.  Our location is perfect for wandering in the heart of the city.  To me, it has a very European feel with small shops, restaurants and lots of folks walking around.

Rich loves anything to do with "Utopia" ( This is a Todd Rundgren reference for those of you who don't know)

Rich loves anything to do with “Utopia” ( This is a Todd Rundgren reference for those of you who don’t know)

I wanted to get a glimpse of the famous “Empress Hotel.”  It is a Fairmont property and was on my list of choices.  The Empress was built in 1906 and is a gorgeous old building.  We went in and toured around – it is gorgeous, but I am glad we are in a condo for this stay.  We are not yet ready to be pampered.



Love the ivy covered walls

Love the ivy covered walls

It is beginning to be time for us to look for a dinner place in earnest.  Neither of us really know what we want.  (This whole scenario reminds me of being in Honolulu at the Safeway with Mom and Dad where we all just wandered aimlessly up and down the aisles since no one had any idea what we wanted.  We called it “Night of the Living Dead.”  Do you remember, Mom and Dad?)

Hot dogs?  Really???

Hot dogs? Really???

We finally settle on the Dock Seafood Grille. Our first choice is to sit in the bar, have a drink and see if we want to continue on with dinner here.  A dozen oysters help us make the easy decision.



Our server in the bar – Brett – is great and super friendly.  We close out with him and move onto the terrace for dinner.  The menu is extensive, but we are both in the mood for a great salad – Caesar for Rich, Mixed Greens for me – both with grilled Salmon.  Both are just what we wanted/needed.

Salmon/Mango Salad

Salmon/Mango Salad

Salmon/Caesar Salad

Salmon/Caesar Salad

On our way back to the condo, we take a detour through bustling Chinatown.  Maybe we will find a great restaurant there that we want to visit in the next couple of evenings.


Back at the condo, sunset is happening in earnest (remember, sunset is not until about 9:30).  The view outside our condo is great.  The restaurant across the street (Canoe) is still winding up and we are hopeful that their noise won’t bother us since our windows are open.


Tomorrow is a golf day.  We are scheduled to play what we have read is a very tough courswe – Bear Mountain.  I hope we are up for the challenge.




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12 06 2014

Oh yes, Linda, I remember ” YOUR Night of the Living Dead”.

12 06 2014

Love the yoga pic. And the raw oysters looked great.

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