Great Golf in Victoria!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pretty good sleep in our condo last night.  There is no A/C (!) and at first it was a bit warm, so we opened the windows and turned on the fan.  Cooled off nicely.  We did sleep with earplugs in – when the windows are open you can hear all the activity from the bar/restaurant across the street and also the loud garbage trucks in the morning.  We have learned to always travel with earplugs!

Since I asked Rich to bring up my weights from the car last night, I figured I better use them. Great view, good workout and a nice change from yoga.

Pumping iron (lol)
Pumping iron (lol)

We have a tee time at noon today and are planning on dining in tonight.  Since we figure we will be tired after golf we decided to hit up the grocery on our way and just put our purchases in our cooler while we play.  Great plan.  Thrifty grocery is a fantastic store with great-looking meat and produce.  We picked up chicken thighs and spinach along with a packaged Caesar salad.  After a quick stop at the nextdoor wine shop for a bottle of local white and we are on our way to the course.  Rich even indulged me with a stop at Starbucks!

Parliament Building
Parliament Building
I think this is as close as we will get...
I think this is as close as we will get…

We are heading to Bear Mountain Golf Resort today.  It is a Jack Nicklas design of two courses and we have heard that the one we are going to play (Mountain) is a real “bear” (pun intended).  Are we ready for the challenge?



The course is in a beautiful setting with some awesome views.  Several of the holes even have views all the way to Washington state!  It is very difficult, but playable. We both feel like we play better on harder courses – we have to concentrate more on shot placement.  We played as a twosome with no players in front or behind us – the whole course was ours.  Perfect.


The par 3’s were especially challenging and fun.  Several were elevated tee boxes (which I love) and this one was an island green. We both did surprisingly well on all of them.

Pitching wedge or 9-iron?
Pitching wedge. (notice the 9-iron off to the side)

Rich hit a great shot on this one.  Mine barely got on, but took a fine roll.  We were pumped when we drove up to the green.

Mine is definitely closer to the pin!
Mine is definitely closer to the pin!


Lots of deer on this course.  They are not afraid of people at all.



The view is distracting!


This was a fantastic round of golf – probably the prettiest course we played on the island.  It doesn’t hurt that we both had a really good round and shot in the low 80’s.  Sitting on the patio afterwards was wonderful.


There was a graduation party going on at the lower patio level and we had fun watching all the young girls in their sparkly dresses.


On the drive home we congratulated ourselves for already stopping at the grocery and having our dinner provisions all set.  We had plenty of time to relax (and do laundry) before dinner.

Rich relaxes
Rich relaxes
Linda slaves...
Linda slaves…

Dinner was great – chicken thighs/spinach and a Caesar salad.  We sat around eating and watching a movie.  We were happy to have a night in.

Yay!  Dinner and a movie
Yay! Dinner and a movie


Tomorrow we will visit the famous Butchart Gardens.  I have wanted to see the gardens for a long time and I think this time of year will be great for the plants and flowers.



4 thoughts on “Great Golf in Victoria!

  1. tonight i am making southern-style eats: paul’s flank & greens + tomato pie. chicky thighs and spinach are nice too, though.

      1. Of course it is Janel. Who else would make flank-n-greens? (besides us?) Haven’t made that in years – so yummy!

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