Middle of Nowhere California

Saturday, June 14, 2014

We have a long travel day ahead of us – almost 500 miles.  An early departure is wise.  Breakfast will be delayed until we get a few miles under our belt. We will be driving through Northen California right through the center of the state.  Mount Shasta is our guide:
After a stop at an Ihop-style breakfast place I drive the freeway for a couple of hours to nake some tracks.  When Rich takes the wheel he decides to get off the freeway.  We are looking at a route that will take us through several National Forests and end up near Lassen National Park. The road is really pretty as it winds through forests and beside streams.  However, we soon find ourselves behind “Old Country” – an RV that is moving along at a good clip, but obstructs our view and is tiresome to look at.  There aren’t many opportunities to pass him.

Big Country is big obnoxious
Big Country is big obnoxious

We haven’t actually decided how we are going to get from the Lassen Volcano Park to our desination in Orroville. We are basiclly in the middle of nowheresville. There are several ways we can go, but the most direct route has funkified tiny roads that may even be unpaved.  We have already added a couple of hours to our trip by getting off the interstate and I am not at all eager to add another couple trying to work our way around on side roads. After a discussion of our possible choices we agree that when we get to the upcoming fork in the road (the right is a more direct route; left is quite circuitous), we we go whichever way Big Country does NOT go.  He turns left…

Our navigation system is planning on us taking a road that shows as “unpaved” on our 1999 atlas.  It is the most direct route. rare happy to see that our vintage atlas is incorrect and the little road has been paved since 1999.  It is a wild ride of winding, up/down narrow passages. Pretty cool.

It is getting late and I am starving.  I have been wanting sa steak since last night.  Lexi takes us into Oroville by the “shortest: route which is definitely not necessarily the quickest.

Finally we reach our hotel – Feather Falls Casino Resort – in Orroville.  There is only one snag.  They do not have our reservation and they are full up (Father’s Day weekend).  I check my paperwork and make a stunning realization.  The date on my reservation says 4/14/14 instead of 6/14/14.  What the ??? The MP has made a serious error.

The desk clerk tells us she is sorry, but they are full.  However, she will go and check with her supervisor.  In the meantime, I am devastated.  My plan was to stay here and play a few slots, get a steak and relax. I had been looking forward to playtime!

The clerk comes back to us and says they have one room, but it is the “Presidential Suite.”  It usually goes for $400/night, but she can let us have it for $300.  Keep in mind this is Orroville – there is nothing here. Not like it is in high demand.  I balk and tell her we can’t do $300. What else can we do?  How about $200?  She says no. She tells me the Holiday Inn is down the road.  I reply that if I go there, I am not coming back to gamble. We were going to eat and “drop some cash” in the casino (they don’t have to know that dropping cash meant about 20 bucks!).  They will lose money.  Also it is late and they aren’t going to sell this room tonight.  I explain all this to her but she is not biting.

Can I speak to the manager?  The manager comes out and we go over the whole scenario again. She agrees to the $200.  Done deal.

The Tahoe Suite is sweet.


Our own b ar
Our own b ar
two-sided fireplace
two-sided fireplace
Huge living room
Huge living room
Gigantic shower with a view to  tv!
Gigantic shower with a view to tv!

We head downstairs to the Brewing Company for dinner.  Both of us order the sirloing and baked potato.  IMG_2571


It is surprisingly good and just what we wanted.  We even hung around for a while because there was a show starting with an 80’s cover band.  The first act was a Cyndi Lauper look-a-like who was pretty good.  After several tunes, I was itching to play some slots.  Rich indulged me and even followed me around from machine to machine (as I slowly lost my $).  He put a few bucks in a machine, won several more dollars and walked away!

We had a fun time in the casino and Rich enjoyed peeking in on the band from time to time.

Ramones cover band
Ramones cover band

Back very late to the Tahoe Suite.  I don’t believe I have seen midnight in a long time.  We have a very short drive tomorrow so we know we can sleep in.


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