The Closest We Will Get to St. Andrews Golf!

16 06 2014

Monday, June 17, 2014

Big time workout at the fitness center this morning.  Rich claims to have done 40 sit-ups (in bed). We have an afternoon tee time today, so we can be lazy and relaxed this morning.  We hit up the Club Lounge again for breakfast.  This place is perfect – they set out different food offerings 6 times each day.  You can come and go (with your club lounge key card) at will and can even take out anything you want to eat or drink.  We like it a lot!

Lots of choices for breakfast

Lots of choices for breakfast

I love the coffee station - look out Starbucks

I love the coffee station – look out Starbucks


A nice, leisurely breakfast is enjoyed as we watch out the window to see any early golfers that might come by.  It is sunny today and looks like it is going to be a beautiful day to play golf.


The Salmon portion of my breakfast

The Salmon portion of my breakfast

When it is time for golf we simply have to call for our clubs and walk around the corner to the pro shop.  Everyone is very welcoming and friendly.  (I was a bit concerned that the Ritz might be snotty – but it is just the opposite.  It is very laid back.)  There are two courses here – we are playing the Ocean Course and know that we are going to  get our a$$ kicked!

Every hole has a view of the ocean – it is a beautiful setting.  It is pretty windy and a balmy 64 degrees. We quickly find out that the greens are pretty much impossible!  They are lightning fast.  It doesn’t even pay to get on them.  You work and work to hit the green and then are rewarded with a 3-putt…

Don't bother putting

Don’t bother putting



With the windy conditions and the craggy oceanside cliffs all around, we truly feel like this must be reasonably close to the experience golfers get at St. Andrews.  This is as close as we have been to St. Andrews and probably the closest we will ever be!

Notice the resort looming in the background

Notice the resort looming in the background


Makes you feel teeny

Makes you feel teeny

There was one par 3 with a wicked carry right on the edge of a cliff.  I didn’t make it and my ball went all the way down to the beach below.  I could see it down there, but did not go get it.  I might try to recover it tonight…

Rich made it easily onto the green.

Rich made it easily onto the green.

My pink ball is down here!

My pink ball is down here!

Rich is putting for birdie!

Rich is putting for birdie!



We survived the course and really didn’t get beaten up too badly.  So happy that we golfed here – it was a completely different experience from golf in the desert.

After our round we once again visited the Club Lounge and this time took drinks and appetizers down to the firepit area to watch other golfers come in.

Best part of the day

Best part of the day.

We have a blast playing “Green or no Green” and even cheer on the golfers who make par.  They come off smiling and appreciate the cheering.

I go back into the lounge to refresh our drinks and meet a couple on the elevator coming down.  They are going for a walk on the beach and I ask them to look for my pink ball!  They laugh and say they will keep their eyes open.

Love this

Love this

A while later the couple returns from the beach and comes right over to us to let me know they did not find my ball.  Too funny!

This perch is so awesome that we don’t want to leave.  We manage to cobble together “dinner” from the appetizers at the lounge and hang out here until long after sunset.


Sunset tonight is extremely nice – no clouds like last night.  Many guests come out to sit and take pictures.




This has been a fantastic stay at Half Moon Bay. I am not quite ready to leave here.  Tomorrow we drive inland (only about an hour) to San Martin and the Corde Valle Resort.  Two days of golf and then homeward bound.










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18 06 2014

What a beautiful place. I think the Ritz at Half Moon Bay is the place to be! And definitely on the club level 🙂

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