Corde Valle – A Magical Place in Mid-California

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Travel day today.  We only have a short way to go to meet our 12:48 tee time in San Martin (60 miles away) so we take our time leaving the Ritz.  I end up in the fitness room and try to slam a “Levi” workout.  Back to the room for shower and a last trip to the Club Lounge for breakfast before we hit the road.

Gonna miss this. All too soon it will be back to oatmeal and yogurt for me.

Rich thinks we have enough time to travel for a while down Hwy 1 along the coast before we head slighly inland to San Martin.  Great choice.  The scenery of the ocean with so many secluded beach areas is stunning.  You can’t really capture it from the car, but I tried.


When we get close to San Martin, I am not sure what we have gotten ourselves into.  This “resort” is way off the highway in what appears to be a farmland area.  Finally the Corde Valle Resort comes into view and it is gorgeous.  We are greeted warmly and check in at the front desk.  Since it is before check-in time and our room is not ready, they hold our bags and we go on up to the golf course.  I chose this resort because 1. It looked way cool and 2. With our Amex program we have a complimentary round of golf for two plus an upgrade and breakfast each morning.  You can’t beat that offer with a stick. We also later found out the the 2015 Women’s US Open Golf tournament will be held at this course!  Cool.

At the Corde Valle Golf Course the use of a forecaddie is mandatory.  You can either have a caddy carry your bags while you walk or you can choose to ride (bags on cart) and have a forecaddie who will go along with you to read yardages, rake bunkers, find balls, read greens, etc.  We chose the latter option.

Practicing putting
Practicing putting

The starter is a very friendly guy who wishes us “Happy Anniversary!”  He tells us to have fun, be relaxed and feel free to do whatever we like – hit two balls if we want.  Boy is that a different attitude than we have found at most courses! We are introduced to Erik – our forecaddie – and off we zoom.



The course is pretty hard and is unbelievably beautiful.  We keep trying to compare it so somewhere we have been and finally agree that the entire area looks like Tuscany, Italy.  There is even a vineyard on the hillside and a winery that you can visit (Clos du Chance).  It is hard to concentrate on the golf with this scenery every where you turn.

IMG_2686We both got lucky and parred the first two holes.  Erik probably thought he was working with some “real” golfers.  He soon found out who he was really working with!  We both had pretty good rounds and thoroughly enjoyed having Erik help us out.  He was an absolute pleasure to have along side us – laid back, helpful, considerate, friendly, etc. It took him all of about 2 holes to figure out how each of us played and which clubs/shots we should take.  We asked hi at the end of the round if he could determine our handicaps and he was correct on both! He is a true pro.


This was a great round of golf.  We enjoyed Erik so much that we asked for him to accompany us tomorrow.  He told us he really enjoyed us as well and thought we had a remarkable “attitude” when playing golf.  Little does he know…

After our round we got the first glimpse of our room.  Our luggage was all neatly stowed in the closet for us when we arrived.  The front desk informed us that we were upgraded to a Bungalow.  Yes.  When we opened the front door, we were blown away with the view.


View from our balcony
View from our balcony


Huge bathroom
Huge bathroom

The room is quite lovely and very warm and comfy.  Management has left us a nice anniversary note and a bottle of Clos du Chance Merlot. There is even a fireplace (although the temps outside are hovering around 88).  I think we will be very happy here for two nights.  It is getting late and we are getting hungry.  There is only one restaurant open during the week at this time of year so we make our way down to the One Iron Bar.  We are going to get a drink and maybe an appetizer before deciding what else to do for dinner.

The place is virtually empty and we choose to sit at the bar.  The bartender is really friendly and we engage him in conversation.  He has lived in nearby Gilroy all his life and tells us we must visit the “Garlic Capital of the World.”

Lobby at Corde Valle
Lobby at Corde Valle

An order of crab dip to share, a beer for Rich and a Rosemary Gin concoction for me leaves us very happy indeed.


The decision is made to go back to the room and order room service for tonight.  We want to enjoy our beautiful room.  Little do we realize it, but some “elves” have been busy sprinkling rose petals all over our bed and bathroom! So nice!


Our room service order is placed: two Caesar Salads and a half Roasted Chicken to share.  We have a bottle of white that we purchased in Victoria that is already sitting on ice.  Awesome.

Our tv
Our tv
Dinner by the fireplace
Dinner by the fireplace

This is a great start to our all too short stay at Corde Valle.  We are set to play golf again in the morning and then we will head East/South towards the homefront.


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