How Lucky Are We?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

We really do have to make an effort to head for home today. Since we changed our route and are going to spend the night in Laughin, NV we have a lot of miles today – over 500.  Our breakfast order was hung out on our door last night with a request to be delivered at 6:30am – yikes!

Nice fireside breakfast

A reluctant “goodbye” is said to Corde Valle.  We are going to keep our yardage guide and scorecards so that we can properly watch the 2016 Wolmen’s US Open (if we can remember where we put them).


Our drive today first takes us through a lot of farms and orchards in mid-California. Then we end up in the Mojave Desert where the landscape is barren.  The miles click by on the interstate and we arrive in Laughlin at the Tropicana Hotel/Casino before 5pm.  The Trop is an ok hotel, but the Ritz it ain’t.

Our "view"
Our “view”

The casino is calling and Rich once again indulges me and wanders around looking for my favorite “Crystal” machine. Yay! We found it and I play for a while, but am losing $.  He sits at the one beside me and immediately hits the bonus and wins $30. Of course he cashes out.

I am starving (and a bit frustrated that he won and I didn’t).  There is only one restaurant open.  I don’t care – I am Hungry! Dinner is an unremarkable Turkey Burger for me and Chicken Teriyaki for Rich (he gives his a “C-“).  Back to gaming.

We play a couple of machines together for a while until Rich is tired and goes up to the room.  I will join him in a bit (as soon as I am out of cash…Won’t take long). I play around for a bit even re-visiting his winning machine.  Finally, I am ready to cash it in.

On the way to the elevator I notice a $.25 machine that looks interesting.  I sit down and play a few rounds.  The credits on this machine are listed as “credits” not cash so I have to convert from $.25 to see how much I am winning.  I don’t like that.  I am a few dollars up and decide that I will stay as long as I am up.  A few pulls later:


In case you have trouble converting 20021 credits (.25 each) into $ like I did:


How lucky are we?


4 thoughts on “How Lucky Are We?

  1. Yep, way. I’m dead asleep at 11:30pm and Linda comes in shaking my shoulder, “Are you up?”, then plunks down a thick stack of $100s in front of my nose. Nuts. Pays for the trip, well fractionally.

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