Do We Have to Leave?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Today is our last half day of our trip with Janel and Dario.  Our flight is early evening and we will have time to mess around in Oviedo for a while.  Before breakfast we all march down to the Fitness Center (such as it is) and Dario puts us all through our paces with a Fitness Blender workout.  Then we eat.

This time we drive into the center of town and park our vehicle.  Sunday morning in Oviedo is really nice.  There are families out strolling and people just milling about.The town of Oviedo is obviously into the arts and there are cool bronze statues w ell-placed in many plazas.

My personal favorite - a bronze by Botero "Maternidad"
My personal favorite – a bronze by Botero “Maternidad”

An Asturian bakery draws us in.


Dario purchase a couple of treats – one of the being the casadiella like we had deconstructed last night.  It is delicious!




This is the ice wine sidra we had last night.  Maybe we can find some to purchase at a place that is open.


I'll take that one.
I’ll take that one.


In the old section of town there is a sort of flea market taking place.  We jump right in with the crowd.






Around every corner there appears to be a plaza with people eating and socializing.



The large park in the center changes their grassy date every day.  How do it know?


Today’s lunch plan is to go to the Boulevar de Sidra and find a great lunch place.  Should be no problem.



We wind up at a window table at Tierra Astur. Our open window  is on the street and perfect for people watching.



A tabla of assorted meats and cheeses and things is just what we want o pick on today for our last tast of Asturias.


In this restaurant they make a big production out of pouring the sidra.  The servers hold the bottle way over their heads and the class way down as far as they can with the other hand.  Then they look the other direction while pouring into the glass.  Fun to watch!

Look at the server on the left pouring the sidra from above his head.
Look at the server on the left pouring the sidra from above his head.

On our way back to the car we have some more fun with statues:


We call this one “The Big Butt”


There was just enough time to stop back by the bakery for a coffee and a small postre.



Goodbye, Asturias!  I hope we can return someday to this very special region.  A HUGE thank you goes out to Janel and Dario for making all the plans.  We loved every minute.

Since our flight back to Barcelona was delayed, we arrived quite late – after 10pm.  We zoomed off to our previous B&B  (Ca La Maria), dumped our bags and walked out to a nearby restaurant for dinner. We found a seafood place where you choose your seafood from the large display in front and then they cook it for you.

What would you like?
What would you like?


We chose a couple of grilled fish (Turbot and Sea Bream) , some squid, grilled prawns and some vegetables.  All of this paired with a nice bottle of white and a ton of shared memories made for a great last evening with Dario (he will go back to Madrid tomorrow).  He will be missed.  We will have one more day in Barcelona with our girl…







2 thoughts on “Do We Have to Leave?

  1. I would rename the statues some terrific buns…..Wow this was all so fast….I don’t want it to end either. Hugs, T

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