Homeward Bound – The Endless Journey

Friday,  August 15, 2014

The alarm goes off at 6:00 – how rude.  Room service arrives with our breakfast at 6:30 and that softens the blow.


The front desk convinces us that the easiest way to Heathrow is via taxi and that it is only a bit more expensive than taking the tube and then the Heathrow Express train.  We go for it.  The driver drops us right at the proper door and we are eased into our check-in.

Dedicated First Class check-in lounge.  Now this is the way it should always be!
Dedicated First Class check-in lounge. Now this is the way it should always be!

Security is a FastTrack breeze and we are sitting in the Concorde Room in no time ready to have coffee and a little nibble.



The flight to JFK is uneventful.  Rich and I are seated next to one another with a screen in between.  We enjoy our pre-flight champagne and then a very nice lunch before catching some zz’s. Rich has set his stopwatch feature on his tablet to countdown the 6+ hour flight. Great.


Catching up with all the latest "Tattler" news
Catching up with all the latest “Tattler” news
Lobster salad lunch
Lobster salad lunch


Fortunately we both got some pretty good sleep on this flight because it is going to be a long day.  We have a 5 hour layover in JFK and then have to connect again in Chicago.  Not looking forward to all that.

We land early and stand in the galley chatting with the flight attendants before the cabin doors open.  Just as we are getting ready to leave a loud beeping noise comes from the galley.  The flight attendants are all scurrying around opening cabinets anirsd whatnot to try and figure out where the alarm is coming from.  Rich joins in and wanders around.  He claims that it is hard to tell the direction the sound is coming from – everywhere he looks it sounds the same.  No one can figure it out until one of the attendants looks at Rich and says “I think it is coming from YOU.”  Rich says “no way” and continues to search.  Finally it hits me.  It is Rich’s stopwatch from his tablet!!!  He opens his tablet, grins and exclaims loudly “We’ve landed!”  Everyone cracks up.

We have 5 hours to kill in JFK so we go to the American Airlines First Class Lounge.  After the Concorde Room it is a severe disappointment.  We settle in anyway and wait for our next flight.

This place feels like a dump
This place feels like a dump

We finally board our flight and soon realize that our crew is less than well-trained (that is putting it mildly).  They are uncaring and unprofessional.  Nothing horrible, just not pleasant.  By now all we want to do is get home.  We take off late and land in Chicago with minutes to spare before our final flight takes off.  This is the hardest leg.  Three hours to go and they feel like thirty.

The bright spot is that Johnny is waiting for us at the airport.  It is great to see him (even though we are brain dead). He drives us home and we crash and burn.

This has been a wonderful trip and I wouldn’t change a thing.  We know we are very lucky to be able to visit Janel and we are truly thankful.  We are also thankful to our family and friends who follow us on this blog and submit great comments along our way.  You are absolutely appreciated!

If you are not tired of following along, you can join us on our next trip.  We will be leaving on Sunday, August 24 for our annual golfing road trip to Florida.  We will be golfing our heads off and then Rich and Jack will hop on their bikes in Baton Rouge and I will meet them in Evansville, Indiana.  Should prove to be an interesting journey…




3 thoughts on “Homeward Bound – The Endless Journey

  1. Ok Happy Trails….I’ll be in my chair waiting for the Florida swing. Wonder how the golf game has held up after the layoff. Won’t be long and I’ll be watching that swing in person….I’m still stuffed from watching all the food in Spain.

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