Family Time is Great Time

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

162 Miles

Today is a short driving day so we take advantage and sleep in.  A quick cardio “Fitness Blender” workout is fit in before breakfast at the Springhill Suites.  The breakfast here is actually not bad for a “trough” set up.  Since we are kind of late (9:00am) we are the only folks here.

Breakfast at the "trough"
Breakfast at the “trough”

A bit of blogging is done and then we are ready to be on our way.  But first, there is a job that must be done. We remember last year when we came home from Florida and went to ge the car washed that there were many spots on the front end and hood where insect residue had actuaslly eaten through the clearcoat and into the paint.  We ended up having to make an insurance claim to get the entire front end re-painted.  We want to be careful this time to keep wiping off the bugs. (We actually believe that the culprits are the “love bugs” that are all over Flordia, but we are not taking any chances.)

I am on bug patrol today,
I am on bug patrol today,

The Oklahoma road we are taking soon turns into a toll road and Rich is balking.  He directs us on another route (a “cool” route according to him).  Our new road turns out to be great. We enjoy smooth sailing directly parallel to to toll road.  We get to drive 65 and have no other traffic – cool indeed! The goal today is Keller, TX (close to Dallas/Ft. Worth) to visit with Rich’s sister, Betsy. We arrive in the early afternoon and settle in for a nice long visit.

So good to see you!
So good to see you!

Betsy had originally informed us that the kids (our only niece and nephew) would not be available today, but she has gone out of her way to make sure they come home to see us.  Great!  David and Abby have grown into wonderful young adults and it is great to connect with them.



Scooter is humiliated...
Scooter is humiliated…but still tries to be cool

Later on the three adults go out to dinner at a local restaurant – TruFire.  It is a great spot.  We all enjoyed both the food and the company. There was a lot of much needed catching  to do.


Delicious Crab Dip
Delicious Crab Dip
My avocado salad with seared ahi tuna
My avocado salad with seared ahi tuna

It was great to get to spend the afternoon with David and Abby and then to spend the evening with Betsy.  We are lucky to be able to visit even if for only one night.

Love you, Bets!
Love you, Bets!

Tomorrow will be a long day.  We will be driving about 9 hours to Biloxi, MS.  An early start is in the cards so we call it a night when we return from dinner.  This was a great stop in Keller – thanks, Bets!




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