Stormy Weather

Friday, August 29, 2014

565 Miles

Up and out this morning.  We will be driving to Orlando and need to get an early start.  Our time in Biloxi has been short, but we like it here.  The Palace Casino is a good diversion and the Mississippi golf is a good lead in to what we will encounter in Florida.

We did not stop for breakfast this morning – stopped at ‘Bucks and kept on truckin’.  The miles ticked by until after noon and we were getting hungry.  The decision was made to stop in Live Oak, Florida for lunch. We were amusing ourselves by reading aloud from past blog posts and remembered that we had stopped here last year on our way from Jack’s house to Biloxi. That time we ate at the Dixie Grill.  This year Rich turned to Yelp and found El Mezcal Cafe – a lowkey Mexican joint.


I loved my Veggie Fajitas, but Rich thought his chicken enchiladas were marginal.  At least this will keep us going for a few more hours.

Not long after we drove away from Live Oak did we notice that the sky was getting very, very dark.  Then big drops started.

Uh Oh
Uh Oh

Then the rain started in earnest.  We had to stop twice for huge back ups on the freeway due to “incidents” (as indicated by our GPS).  Even when traffic cleared it was slowwwwww.  This was one of the biggest thunderstorms I have seen.  The lightning bolts were seriously scary.  We ended up getting off the freeway only to run into a multitude of stoplights.  Awwww!  All we want to do is get to our hotel in Orlando.  As we drove further south, the storm cleared. We finally made it to Orlando and had to run the gauntlet of Labor Day Weekend at the “Happiest Frickin’ Place on Earth.”  We managed to make it to our hotel around 8:45 pm and we were beat.

We checked into our room at the Waldorf Astoria  (2 free nights thanks to Hilton Points).  We had booked the cheapest room since that is all the points we had.  Who cares about a “Disney View” or a “Fireworks View?” I was pleasantly surprised when I opened our room door to see that it was a beautiful suite.


Then, I was even more surprised to see that they remembered it was our “Anniversary” (hey we can celebrate as many times as we want).

Happy 33rd!
Happy 33rd!

When we looked out the window we saw that we had a great view of the huge pool area (it was pretty dark and the windows were dripping and steamed up from the storm, but we could make out the pool!).  Then, at 9:00 on the dot we hear banging outside and sure enough we have front row seats for the Disney Fireworks!

Pictures from the steamy windows are horrible
Pictures from the steamy windows are horrible

We were given coupons at the front desk for a free drink at the bar.  We think we may just have a drink and a small plate to share. The champagne and strawberries are put on ice for tomorrow night. The lobby bar is beautiful and hoppin’.  There are several children here (this is Disney territory after all), but they are basically well-behaved. The Waldorf is attached to the Hilton via a huge corridor of conference rooms.  We suspect the majority of families are staying there.  Only the spoiled ones are here…


We choose to sit at the bar and order a beer/champagne and a caesar salad to split along with an order of Filet Mignon Sliders.  We enjoy jawing with the young (24 years old) bartender – Andrew.  We discuss what we may find on the Waldorf Golf Course tomorrow.  He says it is tough.

Sliders are yummy!
Sliders are yummy!

On our way back to our room we stop by the Fitness Center to check it out. Rich tries a couple of reps on each machine to prep for the morning:

What awaits us in the morning
What awaits us in the morning
Rich's legs are already killing him...
Rich’s legs are already killing him…

This was a very long travel day, but we are vets and know how to make the best of it.  I think we are going to enjoy our time at the Waldorf in Orlando.


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