Full Day at the Waldorf

My netbook finally died for real. We have been limping along trying to post this blog on Rich’s laptop, but ran into several problems. We will see how long it will hold out.  Be patient if there are no posts for several days. We are trying.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

0 Miles

When morning rolled around I awoke and perked my ears to hear if it raining.  Nope.  It is a bright, beautiful (hot as heck) morning.  Opening the drapes revealed our view much more clearly than last night.  Not only are we overlooking the gorgeous pool area, but we also have a golf course view. Score!

Wow - even better than we realized!
Wow – even better than we realized!

The Fitness Room is calling early this morning and we answer.  Rich’s legs are still sore from his Biloxi run, but he joins me anyway and we both get in a solid workout.  We are trying to remain committed to working out because we know that when you are on the road, you tend to eat more and move less. I definitely feel better when  I continue a fitness regime. Rich is trying to maintain his “bike fitness” for his upcoming ride.


Breakfast time!  Our hotel has a very nice breakfast restaurant (Oscars).  We were told last evening when we checked in that we can also charge back to our room any meals over at the Hilton next door. The Waldorf and Hilton are connected through a HUGE conference area in between. We took a look at Oscar’s menu and decided it was pretty $$$ ($32 for the buffet/$24 for bacon and eggs!).  Let’s truck on over to the “cheap seats” and eat at the Hilton.

Huge conference area between the two hotels

As we approached the Bistro we got an inkling of why there might be a premium at Oscar’s.  Yep, the Bistro at the Hilton is about $10/plate cheaper than the Waldorf.  However, this place is a virtual “Romper Room” with kids running around everywhere (Dario, you would have freaked out!).

We should have been tipped off by the enormous candy display at the entrance…

We managed to fight our way to a table way in the back of the cavernous room, but the noise echoed all around.  We generally don’t mind children. In fact, we kind of like them. However these were kids who were smack dab in the middle of Disney territory. Children and their harried parents were wound up before their visit to the “Happiest Frickin’ Place on Earth.”


We seriously couldn’t take it and requested to move outdoors (where the temp was probably 80 with 120% humidity). In the end, it was fine and we survived.  We had a ringside seat to watch the moms/dads and their little darlings floating by in the pool’s Lazy River.  Our server (Rocky) was fun and my poached eggs and spinach were delightful. But, you can bet we won’t be “crossing over” to the Hilton again!

Serenity Now

Golf today is at the Waldorf course. We have checked out the couple of holes we can see from our room and it looks beautiful (and tough).  The staff at Outside Services and Pro Shop are very welcoming.  This place is all about service.  They tell us we can take our time and roll some putts before we begin.  We will be playing as just a two-some today and soon enough we are ready to tackle this beast.

Our Florida “friends” greet us on the first hole (Sandhill Cranes)


Due to the huge storm yesterday, the course is Cart Path Only.  Bummer.  It is way too hot for that nonsense.  Guess I will have to aim all my shots towards the path.  Oh – that also means that it is a bit “mushy” in the fairways and we will get zero roll. What you hit is what you get. Even at that, the course is in great shape and is beautiful.



Rich has a pretty good round.  He is getting used to his new irons and they are starting to work for him. I did not do as well.  I am slamming my club into the ground and coming up with fat shots all over the place due to the “Florida” Factor.  I am going to need to re-adjust.  It was decidedly hot and humid, but really didn’t get to us too much.  I love playing new courses and this one was no exception.


Did I mention it was HOT? We are pretty used to playing in very hot weather in Phoenix, but it is unbelievably humid today and wears you down. We dragged ourselves into the air conditioned clubhouse to cool off and get some lunch. We both chose crisp salads: Cobb for me and Greek for Rich.

Do these salads break my diet rule “Never eat anything bigger than your head?”
Back to the hotel to chill out and recover from our round

Since we ate such a late lunch (and it was so huge), we don’t really need or want a proper dinner tonight.  I keep looking out at the pool as the sun sets and wait for the riff raff to clear out.  It might be kind of cool to go down there to watch the Disney fireworks tonight and maybe grab a drink and a light snack.


We have the pool area almost to ourselves.  There are a few children messing around.  We decide that they are the “spoiled brats” staying at the Waldorf.  The “regular brats” are staying over at the Hilton. .. (what does that make us?) There are firepits set around the pool and a nice viewing spot is set up for us.  We settle in with a glass of wine and order a Margarita Flatbread to share.



The fireworks show is outstanding  – we have a front row seat.  This is a great ending to a fantastic day!

















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