Celebration (What do You Think about this Community?)

Sunday, August 31

19 Miles

Time to leave our life of leisure at the Waldorf.  We will be playing golf at the Celebration Golf Club and then moving into our rental home in Kissimmee (that means that we will be cooking and eating in).  Actually, that is something that I think we both are looking forward to. I manage to fit in a tough Fitness Blender workout before we pack up and head to the course for breakfast at the Windmill Restaurant.

Celebration, Florida is a weird place.  We have visited there before when we stayed at Disney with our friends Don and Katie.  The Master-planned community of Celebration was Disney’s foray into real estate in 1994.  It was designed to be some sort of self-contained community – a Utopian settlement.  It has an odd vibe that we just can’t put our finger on.  I ended up looking up more about Celebration online and found this article that is worth clicking on. The author even says that Celebration has a sort of “Stepford-esque feel to it.  We think it feels like you are on the set of the Truman Show.  Nevertheless, breakfast at the Windmill on the golf course was pretty ok.

IMG_4721We were paired up with a couple of men for our round (Ernie and Brad) and we had a great time with them.  The course is very nice and some of the homes on it are spectacular.  We were both pretty happy with our game.


One of the huge Southern style homes on the course.

When we were finished, Ernie and Brad told us they were going to play another 18. Our green fee included lunch so we bid them farwell, stashed our bags in the car and went to sit on the front porch and relax before eating.


No sooner had we settled in when the skies opened up and it began to pour down rain.  We scooted our chairs a bit further back and decided to stick it out on the porch and watch the golfers come streaming in out of the rain.




TWe met 2 couples on the patio who were from Celebration.  They invited us to move our rockers to join them and we quizzed them all about life in Celebration.  They love it here! Very interesting.

The rain finally let up, golfers went back on the course and we ordered our lunch.  Since the temperature had dropped dramatically due to the rain and because we were so comfy on the porch, we asked if we could eat lunch there.  No problem. I ordered the special Soft Shell Crab Sandwich and rich had a burger.  The crab was awesome!


A nice, lazy afternoon was spent in Celebration on the porch.  I am not saying I want to move there, but it was quite a pleasant experience.  Our new digs are only a few miles from Celebration and we made a grocery run at the nearby Publix Market to get supplies for tonight and tomorrow night’s dinner.

Driving to our home takes us through the “chain central” portion of Orlando.  It really isn’t very nice.  All you see are fast food joints and tacky gift shops along the way.  Oh, and about a hundred stoplights… We are hoping our house is not smack in the middle of all this. We are happy when we make a turn off and drive back into a very nice neighborhood to get to the Lake Berkley subdivision.


Our home is a 4 bedroom (!) house with a great view of Lake Berkley.  It is just as presented in the pictures I saw online and we are happy to set up camp here for the next 3 nights. If you have followed us before, you know that we like to mix up our accommodations.  We like to stay in a mixture of  fancy hotels (well, at least I like that part), not so fancy hotels (Super 8), and condos/houses.  Staying at a house or condo is usually about the same $ as staying in a decent hotel.  We get to relax in a real living area, it is usually quiet and we can cook dinner for ourselves.  Eating every meal out gets tiring even for me.

Living/Dining Room (we will never use this room)
Living/Dining Room (we will never use this room)
Family room with view out to lake
Family room with view out to lake
The MOST important room...
The MOST important room…
Our own pool
Our own pool with screened in patio (no bugs!)

This is going to be good.  Rich settles in right away with a favorite movie:


"Yo, Adrianne"
“Yo, Adrianne”

I go for a swim in our pool and find out that it is so warm that it is like swimming in a hot tub!  That’s ok – I am a wimp with cold water.  This one has zero shock factor.  It is very relaxing.

Since we ate a big, late lunch we choose to have just a light snack of yogurt tonight.  Netflix provides a movie – “Something’s Gotta Give” and we enjoy a quiet evening at home.














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