Same Old, Same Old

Monday, September 1, 2014

20 Miles (to golf course)

Happy Labor Day!

It was nice to wake up in our “own” home this morning, make coffee and have cereal/oatmeal for breakfast.  (I know, I know – we are getting to be old fogies).  An early start is called for because we have a 9:00 time time and the course we are playing today is a 30-minute drive.

Good morning Lake Berkley
Good morning Lake Berkley

Today we are playing Orange County National Golf Course.  The drive makes it seem like it is in the middle of nowhere, but when we arrive we find it to be a bustling club that houses three highly popular courses:  Panther Lake, Crooked Cat and Tooth. We arrived a bit late – just before our tee time and headed directly out to the first tee of Panther Lake.


Today we are paired up with Gordon and Michael who are a both good golfers and a lot of fun.



The course is very nice and I had a fantastic front 9 (the back wasn’t as good).  It is stinkin’ hot today – even more than yesterday.  When the round is over I am absolutely beat from the heat and humidity.  Once again our green fees include lunch (gotta love Florida golf in September) so we drag into the clubhouse for a bite.  I am expecting the “free” lunch to be a hot dog, but their menu includes a Chicken Caesar Salad which we both order.  It is fresh, crisp and just right.


After lunch we make a circuit through the Pro Shop to see if anything catches our eye.  Rich spots a Foosball table and challenges me to a match.  I am terrible at Foosball, but I accept the challenge.  We play a spirited round and I get lucky…


I am desperate to purchase a new netbook.  Mine has died and resurrected itself twice now.  I know it is about to give up the ghost completely and it is frustrating as all getout.  We swing over to the Kissimmee Best Buy to take a look.  On the way we pass a cute ice cream cone shaped building called the “Twistee Treat.”  I get it in my mind that I have to have a cone.  However, buy the time we finish “shoppping” (not making a purchase), I am out of the mood.  Maybe tomorrow.

When we get home I try to fire up my netbook again so I won’t be so behind on this blog.  No dice.  Then I try Rich’s laptop, but it has it’s own problems trying to load pictures in ancient versions of Firefox and other browsers.  And it won’t update. Piece of crap… Rich insists that I give it up and join him in the pool.  This is vacation, after all.  He is right – I need to take a break and figure it out.


After our beach ball throwing pool bash it is nearing 9:00 and  time to prepare dinner.  We are having one of our usual vacation rental feasts tonight.  Rich is preparing the salads with Italian dressing (and a huge Florida avocado for me). I am fixing chicken thighs with Magic Dust, onions, garlic.  When the chicken is cooked I throw some spinach in the skillet and voila! dinner is served.


Tonight’s movie (courtesy of the house’s Neflix account) is Fargo. Rich has seen it – I haven’t.  He says I will love it.  We don’t mind the late night tonight.  Our tee time for tomorrow is at 11:00 and we can blissfully sleep in.




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