Champion’s Gate and Twisted Treats

Tuesday, September 2, 2014
15 Miles (to golf course)

It is nice to wake up at a real home this morning. We make coffee and breakfast on Raisin Bran and oatmeal.  No workout this morning for me. I am sore from yesterday’s routine and I need to take a break for a couple of days.  Sounds good to me.

Today’s destination is Champion’s Gate Golf Course at the Omni Hotel in Champion’s Gate, Florida. We heard differing opinions of this course from the last two groups we played with.  The first guys told us it was overpriced and boring.  The second guys said we would love it. Since I got us a smokin’ deal online I am not worried about the “overpriced” comment.  Boring would be another story.

As we approach the Omni we can see the course. Right away it hits us that it looks like a links style course with very few trees (read “no shade”) and lots of very long rough areas.  The fairways also appear narrow.  Hmmm. The club house is quite large and beautiful.

Inside the clubhouse at Champion's Gate
Inside the clubhouse at Champion’s Gate

We will be playing their International Course today.  We both start out great and par the first few holes.  Very quickly the single player behind us catches up and we invite him to join us.  Jim is a very good golfer, but kind of a dry addition to our twosome.  We try to draw him out. This course proves to be difficult.  It is long and there are lots of bunkers.  It is a course you need to play a couple of times to know how to manage it Rich has very good round – his putter is still driving him crazy, but maybe the putting “drought” is over for him.  I played pretty good, but made a few poor choices.  Overall, we are both happy with our results.

practicing putting
practicing putting


Omni resort in the background
Omni resort in the background

A stop in the clubhouse is in order.  We relax with a cold drink and then the server talks us into ordering their special “queso dip” and chips so we oblige.  It is really good, but really rich.  We have pork chops on our dinner schedule for tonight and don’t want to kill our appetite, but we manage to consume about half of the order.

I am still on the lookout for a replacement for my netbook so we stop at another Best Buy.  The sales person is more than happy to show us around and I zero in on a model that looks pretty good for my needs.  However, I am reluctant to pull the trigger.  Just when I think I am ready to throw this netbook in the nearest body of water, it fires up and works.  I will continue to baby it and see what happens.

On our way home Rich notices another Twistee Treat.  I almost break my neck looking for it and requesting that he stop. We both got small cones (choc for me and vanilla for Rich). Just what I wanted – yummy! I can’t even remember the last time I had an ice cream cone.


Back at home we read email, blog and do our last load of laundry.

Limping along. Can you see the huge crack in the screen?
Is this how you launder money?  (Rich's wallet went through the wash...)
Is this how you launder money? (Rich’s wallet went through the wash…)

After our nightly pool time, we are just coming in to prepare dinner when Johnny calls from home.  He has just arrived back in Phoenix from spending almost a week in Seattle at the PAX video game conference.  We are so excited to hear all about Xing’s success at the  conference.  John informs us that there were over 90,000 attendees – almost all consumers and that Xing had a constant line at their booth waiting to try the game.  Wow.  We are proud of that boy!

Dinner tonight is pork chops, salad and zucchini with mushrooms.  This is another of our typical “rental house” dinners because it is both simple and delicious.


Massive pork chops
Massive pork chops

We enjoy our dinner tonight while watching a movie that Dario had recommended to us: “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.”  Check it out.

We have enjoyed our time in the Orlando area and especially our time in this house – very relaxing.  Tomorrow we will drive headlong into “Golf Central” at the PGA National Resort.  I hope our games are worthy.


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