The Palmer Course Whips Us

Friday, September 5, 2014

Miles: 0

Today is supposed to be another 36-hole day.  We get up very early and go down to breakfast (no buffet…).  Nadine greets us and even remembers our room number.  That is pretty remarkable considering how many guests she serve s each day! We have a conversation with her about the missing buffet and she says that we should speak to the manager.  We request to do so.

Meanwhile, Rich orders cereal and milk.  I have poached eggs again and a side of fruit.  Nadine gives Rich a hard time about only having cereal. She doesn’t realize that this is his normal breakfast and he is very happy with his choice.


Rich is a happy boy.
Rich is a happy boy.

Today we will be tackling the Palmer again.  We are geared up to have a Match Play between us and are looking forward to playing well. That was our first mistake.


That was kind of short-lived.  We both played pretty awful – couldn’t putt to save our lives.  These greens are impossible.  We zoomed through the first few holes and Rich was playing great.  Then, we got stuck behind a foursome and our pace became “glacial.”  I think we both lost interest.

Rich is more interested in the potential wildlife than the golf!
Rich is more interested in the potential wildlife than the golf!


When we got to 16 we were both so desperate that we put BIG MONEY on the last 3 holes!  Even then, we both played them so badly that neither of us won any of the 3 holes!  Rich ended up winning the entire match by one stroke.  I will have to try and get my $ back this afternoon.  After our round we go in the pro shop and make an afternoon time on the Palmer – more punishment.

Lunch at the iBar was great as usual.  We split a Mahi sandwich and enjoyed chatting with our favorite bartender from our first visit – Mike.  He reminds os completely of Rich’s cousin, Bill.  Rich says that Mike is even more like Bill than Bill is!

At least lunch is good.
At least lunch is good.

Our second round was only marginally better than the first.  Maybe we are tired and have played too much golf.  Or maybe our expectations were too high.  When we came back into the Pro Shop we asked a couple of the pros about the greens.  They told us that they are Bermuda and are extremely tricky – even the pro players have difficulties. That made us feel a bit better. We will have to regroup and try again tomorrow on the Fazio Course.  A beer at the iBar helps to nurse our wounds. When we get back to our room we hear a very loud party going on down the hall and it sounds like there is a billiards table in one of the rooms!  We sneak down the hall to take a peak.  Yep – there are a group of guys in a room with the door open and sure enough, there is a pool table in there.  They are already getting pretty lit up – we know from watching people at the bar that there is a big wedding taking place tomorrow and suspect this is the bachelor party. Oh no – wonder how the night will go down. However, when we close the door to our room we cannot hear a peep.  Whew!

Dinner plans are discussed. Nadine had mentioned a great restaurant near here, but we decide that what we really want to do it chill out in our room and watch Shark Tank on tv.  Room service sounds just about right for tonight. We order a Berkshire Pork Chop and Baked Potato from the Steakhouse restaurant downstairs.

“I don’t really want to move…”

Dinner arrives and it is surprisingly delicious.  We don’t feel a bit guilty about not going out tonight and definitely made the right decision.

Don’t worry, we split this plate!

Tomorrow is supposed to be another 36-hole day on a new course – the Fazio.  We are planning on getting to bed early and resting up for the challenge.





2 thoughts on “The Palmer Course Whips Us

  1. “Blah, blah blah”. Some excuse about ho w they can’t put out the buffet when occupancy is down etc. maybe occupancy will stay down if they keep cutting corners…

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