Rain, Rain Go Away

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Miles: 0

Beautiful sunrise at the PGA National
Beautiful sunrise at the PGA National

I convince Rich to do a short workout this morning.  We put on a Fitness Blender video on my iPad and get to it.  Feels good to get things going this morning.  It will hopefully be a 36 hole day so we don’t blow it out.

Yay!  The buffet is available at breakfast.  It is a lovely spread with tons of fruit, yogurt, granola, smoked salmon, all kinds of pastries, omelet station, etc.  – anything you want.  I go for oatmeal and fruit first and then finish with a half a bagel with smoked salmon, tomatoes and capers.  Rich sticks with cereal.  This is the kind of “picking” I like to do at breakfast and I am much happier with this spread than the previous couple of mornings.




With a renewed vigor we head to the first tee of the Fazio Course. We are very happy to see that we are paired with a couple of other guys – that should really help our pace so that we don’t have to constantly wait like yesterday.  The two young guys are friendly and fun.  One of them is a very good golfer and I love to see him boom his tee shots.   Right off the bat both Rich and I are playing like we might actually know what we are doing.

Very wet on the Fazio today.
Very wet on the Fazio today.

There is an awesome cloud cover for almost all of our round that really helps us to avoid the seering heat.  Now we just have the “muggy” heat.  The round was fun and we both played really well.  Feels much better.  Just as we finish on 18, the raindrops begin.  By the time we got into the clubhouse it started pouring.  We set another tee time for this afternoon and crossed our fingers that this storm system will pass.

Hope this weather clears up...
Hope this weather clears up.

A Steak Salad at the iBar is calling our name.  We saw two of them being served yesterday and they looked amazing.  We order one to be split and verify that  it is just as good as it looked yesterday.



The rain continues to beat down all during lunch. We decide to go up to our room and blog a bit while we wait out the weather.  It is not looking good out there.

It is pouring like crazy here!
View from our room
Water is pouring out of the roof downspouts!
Water is pouring out of the roof downspouts!

You can already guess that we did not get to go out for our second round.  We really weren’t too bummed out.  I think we needed a “down” afternoon and it will help us to be ready to tackle our last course at the PGA when we tee it up on the Champ again tomorrow morning. Rich was perfectly to relax in the room because the US Open tennis was on tv followed by the Ole Miss football game! I blogged for awhile and then started to go stir crazy so I hit up the fitness room.


When dinnertime rolled around we were both hungry and ready to re-visit one of our old favorites: Coolinary Cafe.  The chef at this place – Tim Lipman – used to work at Leftovers (where we ate two nights ago).  We first visited his Coolinary Cafe two years ago when he had just opened it and we were impressed to say the least. I am very excited to be going back.

The camera lens is fogged because it is so unbelievably humid!
The camera lens is fogged because it is so unbelievably humid!

We happily sat at the bar overlooking the kitchen and perused both the specials menu and the regular menu.  This place is great because the people sitting beside us had just finished dinner and rattled off several suggestions for us.  Everyone gets in on the action here. You can watch the amazing food coming out of the open kitchen and you want to order everything!

Tonight's special menu
Part of the regular menu
Tonight's specials
Tonight’s specials


We went round and round trying to make a decision while sipping on a delicious Belgium-style beer (Rich) and a glass of bubbly (me).  We finally settle in on getting two entrees to share. (We were a bit leary of this tactic since we usually get one app and one entree to share, but we are both pretty hungry tonight).  We decided on the Rabbit Sausage and Noodles for me and the Skirt Steak with Charred Brussels for Rich.

Wow.  The skirt steak is wonderful!
Wow. The skirt steak is wonderful!
But, the Rabbit Sausage with Noodles stole the show.
But, the Rabbit Sausage with Noodles stole the show.

We  struck up quite a conversation with a couple sitting beside Rich.  They have a second home in Palm Beach and love to try new restaurants.  They told us all about life in Palm Beach and we shared many travel stories.  They invited Rich to stop by on his bike ride tomorrow from here to Palm Beach!

The kitchen in action
The kitchen in action
My dish is awesome!
My dish is awesome!

We had an absolutely fantastic evening at Coolinary Cafe.  We talked a lot about how Janel and Dario would especially love this place.  The kitchen and head chef are super creative and care about the flavors big time.  Wish they would move to Mesa…

Back to the resort to pack up.  We have to leave tomorrow, but first we are going to squeeze in 18 more holes on the CChampion Course.  From all the rain today we hope it won’t be to soupy.  It has been a nice run here at the PGA National Resort.  We will most likely return here on our next Florida trip. But for now, I am looking forward to our next stop at the Four Seasons Palm Beach.  Ahhhhh.




One thought on “Rain, Rain Go Away

  1. Great to see the buffet is back! Nice to have a good round before the rains set in. Dinner looked yummy! Now you’re heading into my dream place … The Four Seasons!

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