Time to Move On

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

221 Miles

Today is moving day.  We have a 4pm checkout time and are in no big hurry to go.  One more trek to the Fitness Room is caled for.  When you are presented with such great facilities it would be a shame not to utilize them.  We stick with our routine and retire to the Living Room for coffee and news before breakfast.


I think we have this breakfast thing down pat by now.  Menus are given, but I simply order what I want whether it is printed or not (princess?) The green juice was pretty great yesterday and I order it again.  I can just feel all those little antioxidants coursing through my cellsl Onwoard to a huge breakfast sandwich with bacon and gruyere for Rich and 2 poached with smoked salmon, tomato and asparagus for me.  We enjoy every bite.

They know how to do poached eggs right! I will certainly miss this.
They know how to do poached eggs right! I will certainly miss this.

After breakfast I make my way down to the pool to do a little catch-up blogging.  Rich hangs in the room to read and relax.  We plan to hit the road around 1:00 for our 3 hour drive to Inverness. I am very happy poolside when one of the pool “boys” brings me a complimentary tropical smoothie. (gotta love it)

Ahh - this is the way to blog.
Ahh – this is the way to blog.

The inevitable has been prolonged enough.  Time to say bye-bye to our beloved Four Seasons for another year.  We say goodbye to several of the employees who know us, load up Rich’s bike and take off.

The Turnpike (toll road) really is the only sane way to make the drive from Palm Beach northwest to Inverness (northwest of Orlando).  We reluctantly jump on for the unremarkable journey.  When we reach Inverness we make a stop at the local Winn-Dixie for provisions.  A rotisserie chicken is what we are looking for to have for an easy dinner tonight, but the birds at the Winn-Dixie look kind of “shriveled.”  More importantly, they don’t have any of the 2 kinds of yogurt that we love: Liberte for Rich (totally decadent and delicious) and Petit Creme for me (omg – not really yogurt, but smooth and creamy cheese that is awesome). We purchase a few other provisions, but decide to find a Publix before heading to our house.

Publix has a good-looking Lemon/Pepper chicken.  We maneuver to the yogurt isle with crossed fingers.  Yes!  They have both kinds so we stock up.  Now we are ready to find our rental house.

OUr house is rented through VanDerValk properties – a Dutch company that owns quite a few golf course properties in Inverness.  They have been super to work with via email and I am excited to see our home in person.

Found it!
Found it!

The house is great.  It is situated directly on the course (we are not going to be playing this one because the reviews told me it wasn’t in the greatest shape, but it looks beautiful) and is huge and very clean.  We like the vibe immediately.

Big kitchen - fully equipped
Big kitchen – fully equipped
Two master bedroom suites
Two master bedroom suites
HUGE screened patio with pool
HUGE screened patio with pool

We drag in all our “house supplies” from the car and start to settle in.  We will be here for 4 nights and I know we are going to enjoy it.  After relaxing a bit I prepare a simple dinner with the rotisserie chicken, sauteed spinach and a salad (and one of those big Florida avocados for me).,  We pop a bottle of Sauvignon Blan, turn on “Bizarre Foods” on the television and are in heaven.


3 thoughts on “Time to Move On

  1. Golfing (is that a verb?) is not my thing,,enjoyed Alaska and Spain….what a pair…love that I am living vicariously thru you guys! Keep it up!!

  2. From your name above I am guessing that this is Mary. So happy that you re reading our blog and following even though golfing is not your thing. Yes – this trip is definitely “golf-centric.” However, we do try to fit in a bit of time for other things like – EATING! Keep reading…

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