Slowww Golf and a Fishy Ending

Friday, September 12, 2014

45 Miles

This getting up early has got to stop. We are on vacation for Heaven’s sake…

I manage to fit in a quick workout before breakfast. Then we are off to Dunnellon, Florida and the Juliette Falls Golf Course.  Juliette Falls is one of the “must play” courses in this area because it is such a pretty layout.  We can see that right from our first glance at the clubhouse.

I think this will be nice.
I think this will be nice.

Unfortunately, we are not paired up with anyone today.  We really do like to play with another twosome not only for the company, but it really helps with pace of play.  Looking ahead of us, that doesn’t seem to be an issue.  Course looks wide open.


This turns out to be a very interesting course that is in great shape and very pretty.  There are many huge trees which make for some great shade all around.  Both of us have pretty good front nines.


Then we get to number 10.  We run smack into a foursome ahead of us and our pace slows down to less than a crawl.  Seriously.  For the next couple of holes we are waiting more than we are golfing.  It is brutal. I am checking email in between shots and Rich is trading stocks.  It is quite difficult to remain interested in the game.  We can see that the group in front of us is waiting on the group in front of them (maybe that is why they haven’t waived us to play through).

Finally by hole #14 we have had it.  We do something totally out of character – we decide to cash it in and leave. We just can’t take it anymore.  When we get to the clubhouse we consider having lunch, but the vibe is not all that welcoming so we decide to motor on down the road and find another place.

On our way back to Inverness I get on Yelp to find a spot for lunch.  Bingo!  Swampy’s on the Rainbow River looks just right.  We heard yesterday that Rainbow River is a fantastic place to kayak and perhaps paddleboard.  We are happy to check it out.


Swampy’s looks perfect.  It is situated right on the Rainbow River and there are tubers and kayaks floating past.  We choose to sit outside under an umbrella for a front row seat on the river.


A couple of beers and a shared burger later we are convinced that we need to visit and paddleboard the Rainbow River next year.  This place is awesome!


After a relaxing lunch in Dunnellon our plan is to drive to Homossassa and pick up fresh fish for dinner at another Yelp winner – Shelly’s Seafood Market.


This place is great and we quickly settle on Hogfish fillets and two scallops for Rich.


At home we relax for awhile and then start dinner preparations.  Rich works on the fish and scallops while I get going on spinach and a couple of salads.



Shark Tank on television and a fish feast on our table – what could be better?


The fish was amazing.  If we coule get this type of fresh seafood in Arizona, we would be eating fish all the time.  We enjoy every morsel.

Tomorrow is our 36 hole day at World Woods so we call it an early night and try to sleep fast.








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