On the Road Again

Monday, September 15, 2014

556 Miles

We packed. We drove. We ate. We slept.


Rich and Jack put the final touches on packing the car.  We literally cannot see out the back.  OUr stuff is piled high and there is a little cubby hole just for me in the back seat.  We drove all day from Atlanta to Baton Rouge stopping only once for breakfast at Cracker Barrel just outside of Atlanta. (Well, we did take gass and bathroom breaks).

When we arrived at Shangri-la (our hotel, Sleep Inn) in Baton Rouge, it was pouring down rain.


The boys unloaded all their bike gear thinking that they would ride to their chosen sarting point tomorrow.  As we left for dinner we decided to check their route to get to the starting point.  Nope.  It was way too busy and absolutely no lane.  The decision quickly became to re-pack all the junk in the morning and be driven to the start of their ride.  That means an extra early morning.  I have many, many miles to drive tomorrow and want to get an early start.  Couple that with the time zone change and it means we will be taking off at 6:00am tomorrow.  yikes!

Dinner at Portobello Grill was surprisingly great.  Mushroom pasta for Jack, Grilled Redfish for Rich and a Steak Salad for me.  We turned it in early and Rich finished off this arranging/packing of his bike gear.  We all have a long, long day tomorrow.




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