Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Miles: 620 for Linda
about 30 for Rich

The alarm goes off at an obscene hour – 5:00am.  I have a really long drive today and will lose an hour (time zone change) along my way. I really need to get out of here at a reasonable time.  The boys are riding a relatively short distance today – about 30 miles.  They are eager to get rolling as well.

Getting ready
Getting ready

Last night we checked out the route from our hotel to their chosen starting point to see if it was possible for them to actually leave from the hotel (thereby not having to re-pack and unpack all the bike gear again).  The road between hotel and start does not look bike friendly at all.  The decision was made for me to drive them down to the river with their bikes and they will take off from there.

Bikes were unloaded and bags were loaded. Without further ado, the boys zoomed off for their ride to Indiana leaving me to turn the car around and head back down to Florida.  This all sounds pretty convoluted, but it was the only way we could make everything work.  I don’t really mind the driving except that today will be long.  I am looking forward to more golfing and then a self-indulgent spa stay down in Miami at Canyon Ranch.


Ready to go our separate ways
Ready to go our separate ways
Jack carries some "mojo" for the ride.
Jack carries some “mojo” for the ride.
They're off!
They’re off!

My drive went pretty smoothly.  I tried to stop every couple of hours to stretch, get gas, etc.  Everything was great until I hit the Florida panhandle and directly into torrential rains.  The drive for the next couple of hours was through periods of persistant rain peppered with minutes of total downpour.  That did not make for pleasant driving.

I arrived in Ocala (at the Sleep Inn – much nicer than the one we stayed in last night) around 7:00pm.  Dinner was take out BBQ from Sonny’s next door. No great thrill. I was beat and need to get my rest tonight.  Tomorrow I will be on my way south to Bonita Springs via an “old friend” golf course – Old Corkscrew in Estero.  Hope I can stay dry.

Almost as nice as the Four Seasons???
Almost as nice as the Four Seasons???

2 thoughts on “Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

  1. Happy trails to Rich and Jack! Linda, I think your standards have gone down if you think a personalized chocolate bar is almost as good as the Seasons’ amenities … but it was a nice touch!

    1. One must learn to be happy with the things one is given… Seriously – it is the stays at Motel 6 that makes the Seasons all that much sweeter!

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