Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Sunday, September 21, 2014

124 Miles

Yay!  Looks like the sun might make an appearance this morning.  I am keeping my fingers crossed for a dry round of golf.

The Fitness Room is calling and I answer.  It is a good start to the morning and brings my appetite into play for breakfast.


The Lemonia restaurant is busy this morning.  I remember last year when I was here it was practically empty (this is low season).  I believe I was here a little earlier in September. Now it looks like the “season” is starting to gear up.  Good to see.

The breakfast buffet is beautiful. I order a Latte and peruse the selections. After a fruit and yogurt starter I step up to the omelet station to order an egg white omelet with spinach, mushroom and tomato.  The chef is very friendly and we engage in a conversation about how egg whites are hard to coerce into staying “together” to make an omelet.  She is happy for me to snap her photo. With a stop to toast a bagel and get some smoked salmon/capers my breakfast is complete. (I end up taking the bagel sandwich out on the course with me).


Fruit and yogurt to start
Fruit and yogurt to start



There is a different starter today and he claims he recognizes me from last year (maybe…).  He is also very friendly and we chat all about Rich and his bicycle adventures.  Most people I talk with simply cannot fathom riding across town much less across the US! I find it is a great conversation starter and also diffuses any question about whether I am married and where my husband is! I like it to be perfectly clear, thank you very much.

Today I am paired with two local gents – Vic and Steve.  They are awesome and we have a ball together.  Fortunatly, my game has come together and I am playing confident and strong.  Once again, I finish with the same ball I started with while they each lose at least a half dozen balls! At one point Steve turned to me and said “Linda, I would like to introduce you to the rough. Rough, this is Linda!”

Steve and Vic
Steve and Vic

Steve made an fantastic nature spotting along the way.  Tucked into the marsh was a gorgeous blue and grey bird standing on one leg.  He posed for pictures.  Later, Vic looked him up and told me he was a Black-crowned Night Heron. I verified it later.  Rich – have you ever seen one of these beauties?

So pretty
So pretty

When the round ended I almost wished I was going to play another.  However, I have other fish to fry.  The Ritz granted me a 4:00pm late checkout so I have time to shower and change before taking off.  It has been a good stay here despite the wet conditions of the course.  That is what you get in Florida in September.

The golf part of my vacation is basically over.  I have played 24 rounds of golf in 29 days!!!  I think it is time to rest.    Today I am driving just a couple of hours to the Ft. Lauderdale area and staying at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.  This will be a one-night diversion before landing at Canyon Ranch in Miami for the “de-tox” portion of my trip.  (Actually I haven’t done much “toxing” but it just sounded good).

The drive takes me right straight across the state and almost dips into Everglades territory. I could have driving “Alligator Alley” but we have done that scenic drive before and it is slow going.  I want to get there.

The HardRock is HUGE hotel/entertainment complex with casino, lots of shopping, several nightclubs and many restaurants. The concert venue here hosts lots of big acts.  Too bad I am here on a kind of slow Sunday night.

The entire place is covered in various rock memorabilia – guitars and outfits from Rock and Rollers.  I thought it might be cheesy, but it is actually pretty cool.


One of Elton John's outfits
One of Elton John’s outfits



This one's for you, Rich!
This one’s for you, Rich!

I was expecting my room to be a pretty basic “plain Jane” hotel room (I booked the lowest category of room).  Wow.  It is beautiful.  I love it. The bathroom is awesome and has a shower big enough for six people with 3 showerheads and 8 side jets! You can tell that the room is designed to make you feel a little like a rock star.


Before settling in on any “serious” gaming, I take a stroll around the property to choose where to eat dinner.  I am starving.  I settle on “Bol” an Asian noodle restaurant.  I order a bowl of Beef Pho and slurp it up. (sorry, no pics).

Now that I am fortified, I check out the casino floor.  This is seriously a place where you could get lost.  I check out some of the games and win some, lose some (then lose some, lose some…).  I win enough to at least keep playing for a while until I realize how tired I am.  I give it up and go back to my room to catch some zz’s.  Tomorrow I will check in at Canyon Ranch and I need to be refreshed and ready to go.





One thought on “Between a Rock and a Hard Place

  1. Great pic of the heron. No I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of those.
    Equally great pic of the Todd lyrics. Nice to see some tribute being paid to a true star.

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