Evansville, Here I Come!

Saturday, September 27 AND Sunday, September 28, 2014

Saturday Miles 600

Saturday was drive, drive, drive.  I drove 600 miles from Wildwood, Florida to Cookeville, TN (just east of Nashville). No pictures, no nuthin’.  Just road.

Sunday Miles 220

I no longer have a beautiful ocean view:


Today is a well-planned short drive day.  That is so that I can fit in a round of golf (surprise!) in Nashville before completing the trip in Evansville, Indiana.  When I woke this morning it was a beautiful day in the Tennessee Mountains and the temp was hovering around a pleasant 68.  Perfect.  However, by the time I got on the road to made the 1 hour drive to Nashville, it started to rain.  I am thinking that I can just kiss this final round of golf goodbye.

The golf course I chose for today was the Hermitage Golf Club in Old Hickory, TN.  I scoured the internet for courses in Nashville and this one kept standing out.  It turned out to be a wonderful choice.  By the time I stopped at “Bucks for my coffee (got to keep my stock going up) the rain had cleared and the skies look pretty good. Yes!


There are two courses here – the General’s Retreat and the more difficult President’s Reserve.  Of course, I chose the Presidents.  I was greeted with warm Southern hospitality at the pro shop and was told I would be paired with 3 other players. Great – I was hoping not to have to play alone.  I am really looking forward to playing a course that is hopefully not soaking wet and maybe I might get a teeny bit of roll.


Right off the bat I can tell this course is going to be beautiful.  There are no houses around.  The fairways are lined with huge trees and it looks like there might be abundant wildlife,  In fact, from what I had read online, there is a herd of Black-faced Sheep that roam the course!  I hope I will be able to catch a glimpse.

My playing partners (Kevin/Michelle and Bill) are a lot of funBill runs in to purchase extra balls before we tee off.  Later, it proved to be a very wise idea…

I started off like a house on fire and parred the first 3 holes.  I ended up 3 over on the front!  Maybe all the suffering through the damp, messy conditions in Florida have toughened my game (or maybe I just got lucky).


When we rounded one corner to get to a green, there beside the cart path were about a dozen of the sheep!  So cool.


Little Buddy
Little Buddy

I kept on steadily playing along while Bill lost at least one ball on each hole (not kidding!). It finally got to the point when I hit my drive he would say “ho hum – down the middle.” Yep.  Isn’t that what you are supposed to do?

The scenery all around the 18 was awesome.  I only wish the leaves were changing colors.  I think I am about 2-3 weeks too early.  They are just barely starting.  We did see the sheep a couple more times off in the distance.  After our round the pro shop told me that the sheep roam both courses all day and then meander back to their pen each evening.  Maybe they are a calming force for the golfers.


love this
love this – way out in the middle of the weeds

I was sorry to see the round end.  I had the best round of the trip – 81 and was very pleased with my playing.  This was a great stop.

Time to motor on.

Setting Lexi for "home"
Setting Lexi for “home”

The drive to Evansville was about 2 1/2 hours and it went by pretty quickly.  It was great to finally hit Westlake Drive and see my “home.”


Mom and Dad were waiting for me on the back patio:


We visited just for a little bit and then went to pick up Alan for dinner and to let me see his new house.  It is perfect.  The wood floors are beautiful.  Mom has made curtains for all the windows and Dad has done major painting. I love it.  He and Chalice (his cat) should be very happy here. (pics of Alan and Chalice tomorrow)

Alan's new home
Alan’s new home

Dinner at Westlake drive was spaghetti with a killer home made sauce (been simmering all day), delightful salad and a wamr loaf of Mom’s home made bread.  Perfect.



It is great to be back in Evansville with my parents (and my brother).  Rich and Jack will arrive on Wednesday on their bicycles and Janet/Eric are coming in on Saturday.  Soon the place will be hopping.  I am happy to have it all to myself for a couple of quiet days.








5 thoughts on “Evansville, Here I Come!

  1. 81! You go girl. You’re not going to want to play with you 20+ handicap friends? Your brother’s new house looks so cute and welcoming. He’ll enjoy living there.

  2. We actually played part of The Hermitage in October 2010 but got rained out. Glad you went back and what a great round. Congrats!! We’re now 2 days out of Evansville and pedalling… Miss you.

    1. Wow. I had a weird feeling as I drove past the actual Hermitage (Andrew Jackson’s home) that I had been there before, but I couldn’t place it. We definitely need to go there again so you can play the entire course. See you in a couple of days!

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