Life in Evansville

Monday, September 29, 2014

Zero Miles

Ahhh – morning on the Love Boat (Evansville). I wake up LATE to the smell of fresh coffee.  Dad is preparing breakfast.

IMG_5247We are presented with an awesome breakfast of perfectly poached eggs on English Muffins. I have to admit, out of all the poached eggs I have eaten on this trip, these are probably the finest. He has the technique down pat.

After breakfast I take the time to fit in a Fitness Blender workout outside in the back yard.  It is so nice out there that I almost forget I am working.

My studio
My studio

We have a nice lazy morning and afternoon.  It is great just to spend time with Mom and Dad and to chill out at home. Our only plan for the day is to pick up Alan, take him to get his new prescription glasses and have an early dinner at Hilltop Inn. (Yes, we plan our day around meals.  Do you see where I get my food obsession from?)

The other order of the day is to figure out how some of the controls work on the newly purchased Kitchen Aid refrigerator.  This thing has more buttons and dials than a space rocket.  Mom reads the manual out loud and we have a good laugh over some of the features.  It explains how to “turn off the cooling feature!” Wouldn’t you just unplug it if you didn’t want it to cool? Then, there is the extremely useful “Sabbath” feature.  If you somehow put it in that mode it will turn off the lights and dispensing (water/ice) feature on the Sabbath.  I hope they don’t push the wrong buttons.

Finally, we decide that we will all try to calibrate the “Measured Fill” feature.  It actually seems like a great idea. When you just want an exact cup of water you can push one button and it will dispense one cup.  First, you have to calibrate it.  This is where the three people come in.  I wish I had made a video of the 15 minute process of the three of us trying to calibrate this bad boy! We had out a one-cup measure, buckets in case it overflowed, manual in hand, towels to mop up, etc.  It was a riot, but we finally did manage to get it calibrated (we think).


Later that afternoon Dad put two loaves of his home made Brioche in the oven.  It had been profing overnight and was ready to go.  The smell wafted downstairs and he set a timer after it came out for when it was cool enough for us to sample a slice.  Wow!  Warm, fresh Brioche can hardly be beat.  He made it so that he can use it to make French Toast for breakfast on Thursday.  Doesn’t everyone who makes French Toast make their own Brioche first?


We left to go pick up Alan and for me to bother Chalice again.  I try to make friends with him everytime we visit.  He still doesn’t really like it, but he has started to let me pet him.


IMG_5258After picking up Alan’s new glasses (it has been 10 years since he got his eyes examined!) we went to the Hilltop for dinner. The Hilltop is an Evansville institution. It was built in 1839 and served as a stagecoach stop for weary travelers and business men on the route from the Wabash River (New Harmony Area) to the banks of the Ohio River. Now it is known for serving fried chicken (when you are having a “chicken fit”) and Brain Sandwiches (really).

Check out part of the menu:

I am definitely in the Mid-West now!
I am definitely in the Mid-West now!

Alan and I both order the 1/2 chicken gizzards/livers, Mom has the Monday special of Chicken Fried Chicken and Dad orders his usual 1/4 chicken (dark meat).  Three of us indulge in an Evansville specialty – beer served in a Frosty “Fishbowl.”  If you have never had one, you are missing out.  Even in Evansville, fishbowls are becoming a thing of the past.  It is getting harder and harder to find a restaurant that serves both good food AND fishbowls of beer (probably because the glass fishbowls are very expensive to purchase).

Notice the fishbowls (Alan and I have dark and Dad has light)
Notice the fishbowls (Alan and I have dark and Dad has light)

We are there pretty early for dinner (at least for me) 5:30.  Dad assures me that by 6:00 even on a Monday, this place will be packed.  He is correct.  He also says it will be cleared out by 8:00.

Our food arrives and it is just what I wanted.  My livers/gizzards are perfectly cooked and the coating is nice and crispy. (hey – I worked out this morning, give me a break!)

Livers/Gizzards (or as Dad says "Lizzards and Givers"
Livers/Gizzards (or as Dad says “Lizzards and Givers” (Lesia, I think you would LOVE this!)

Alan and I both have to box us our leftovers for him to take home.  He is not unhappy about this.  We drop him off and go back to Westlake Drive.  All of us are tired tonight and hit the bed early. It has been a fantastic day at HOME.




5 thoughts on “Life in Evansville

  1. Thanks KT! I am sure the weather will be REALLY nice if we ever get home. Have a great trip to FL. I hope all the rain that I got there has finally passed. Anytime you want gizzards you know where to get them.

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