Shopping, Cooking and Eating (isn’t that all we do?)

Tuesday, September 29, 2014

This morning on the Love Boat begins as so many others have in the past  Coffee in the Master Suite followed by a beautiful breakfast prepared by Dad.  This morning we are presented with scrambled eggs and toast made from Dad’s awesome Brioche bread.IMG_5259

the prized brioche
the prized brioche

The only plan for today is to pick up Alan and go to the supermarket.  I think we can manage to do that. After we get Alan I realize that I am having Starbucks withdrawal and suggest that we all make a coffee stop.  We have a nice time sitting outside at ‘Bucks sipping on our treats. I remind everyone that I am a Starbucks shareholder and need to help the stock price go up by stopping in and making a purchase!

We hit up Schnuck’s grocery and then make a side trip to Mayes Farmer’s market for tomatoes (the ones at the grocery were sub par).

picking out the good ones
picking out the good ones

It is a gorgeous day so we sit out on the patio after we arrive home.  Rich calls to tell us he is on schedule and will be pedaling in tomorrow. Mom and Dad are happy to hear the news:


Somehow we manage to mess around for the remainder of the afternoon until it is time to prepare dinner.  It is another stunner.  Mom fixes Chicken Thighs with Fresh Spinach and Dad works on Corn Fritters.  Wow.  It is all outstanding!

A good team in the kitchen
corn fritters
corn fritters


Another fantastic dinner
Another fantastic dinner

This was a nice, laid-back day in Evansville.  Tomorrow Rich and Jack will arrive and things will rev up again.  Can’t wait to see them!


One thought on “Shopping, Cooking and Eating (isn’t that all we do?)

  1. Okay I’ve never had corn fritters but now I know where to go when I want the best. My mouth was watering….that Love Boat is awesome!

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