The Boys are Back!

Wednesday, Oct 1, 2014

22 Miles

Steel Cut Oatmeal and Bagels with Cream Cheese/Fresh Raspberry Preserves are on the menu for breakfast.  How much longer can I keep doing this?


We are looking for an activity to pass the time until we get to go to Henderson and pick up Rich and Jack when they come rolling into town.  The decision is made to take a little jaunt out to the Eastside and do some shopping at Kohl’s.  We make a couple of purchases, mill around a bit and come home to await Rich’s text.

Rich texts me at 1:30 and tells me they are in Morganfield, KY and are on schedule to meet us in Henderson around 4:00pm.  They are not riding all the way into Evansville because the bridge that crosses the Ohio River from KY to IN is absolutely impassable by bicycle.  We decide to leave home around 3:00 and see if we can be there when they arrive at Atkinson Park (our designated meeting spot.).

Our arrival in Henderson is a bit early and we comb the area around the park to see if they are milling about.  They are not, so we drive down Elm Street – the street that we believe they will be coming in on.  We drive for a couple of miles and then “there they are!”



We tailed them the rest of the way to the park and then waited for them to come zooming in.

Yay!  Here they come!
Yay! Here they come!


After 870 miles, they look no worse for the wear!  It is great to see them and I am looking forward to hearing some great stories of the road.


IMG_5276The bikes are loaded up and we take off for home.  Jack will be staying for just 2 nights (he needs to get back to Atlanta for his wife’s birthday on Friday).

Road Warriors return
Road Warriors return
Moving to outdoors
Moving to outdoors

We have a great time sitting around talking story and re-living our separate roads.  I am sure they are starving and fortunately dinner has been prepped earlier in the day.  Mom and Dad have gone out of their way to prepare a vegetarian feast since Jack is a vegetarian. We are pretty sure Rich has been dreaming all day of a juicy cut of some kind of MEAT, but that will have to wait!

We do not know how to have fun...
We do not know how to have fun…


We all enjoy another awesome dinner of Wild Mushroom Pasta, Wedge Salad and Mom’s Home Made Baguette.  If this is what vegetarian dinners are like, count me in!  I think both Mom and Dad were surprised and pleased with the entire event.

It is so great to have my guy back. We plan on chillin’ in Evansville through the weekend.  Tomorrow is a golf day with Jack before he leaves on Friday.






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