To the Sea and Back

Thursday, March 17, 20016


No, we are not visiting a war zone.  This is what I am missing back at home… (Seriously, thanks for dealing with all the mess, Rich!)

This morning I decided I needed to visit the sea.  It is quite a distance from my apartment so I took the metro to get there.  I ended up at the Olympic Village which was constructed for the 1992 Olympic games held in Barcelona.  It is a very modern area and has a lot of cool architecture.  I wandered around and enjoyed people/boat watching.

This area has a completely different feel from the inner parts of the city – probably because it is so new.  Today there are many tourists on bicycles having a tour of the area.  It is a lovely day out and it is being enjoyed by all.  I think in the summer the crowds get very thick.  There are lots of restaurants with outdoor terraces and I would like to sit at one, but most are not using them at this time of year. I finally find a place with outdoor seating and settle in with coffee and a bocadillo.


Since I plan to walk home, I consult my trusty phone map and work my way towards the El Born district to do a bit of window shopping.  Serious shopping damage could be done here, but I show restraint.  There are many Spanish antique shops here as well.  I duck into one and zero in on a wall clock that has captured my attention.  The shop owner tells me all about it and its history including how rare it is.  I finally dare to ask him how much.  He answers by stating once again “It is very rare.”  Needless to say it is out of my ballpark, but he doesn’t seem to mind and tells me to go home and think about it.

Perfect for the new kitchen?

I have succeeded in wandering the day away and turn towards home.  I do love walking in this city.  It seems like around every corner is something beautiful.  I especially like it when my route takes me on these cool narrow passageways:


I can almost make it there without a map. By the time I arrive I am tired and my dogs are barking.  That is when I remember that Janel and I are supposed to meet at her house to work out together on her TRX.  No nap for me!  I head to her house and we shred the TRX.

The exercise has energized us both.  We fix ourselves up and take off to meet Janel’s friend, Marta, for dinner. But first we make a short stop at Bar Quimet for a vermouth.  Rich, Janel and I had a memorable octopus lunch at Quimet a couple of years ago. You can read about it HERE. Tonight it is very crowded and we choose to have our drink standing outside.

Marta is just arriving at our restaurant – Santa Gula when we show up. I am so happy to finally meet her. She and Janel have been best friends for a while now so I know she must be someone special.

Once again, I let Janel/Marta order dishes for the table to share. They have made wise choices and we love every bite. Our dinner consisted of

– confit tomato and leek with ventresca (tuna belly)
– pulpo (octupus) with potatoes and pork belly
– squid ravioli
– boneless roast lamb with potatoes


Marta’s English is fantastic and we enjoyed our “girl’s night out.” The meal ended with a cute little tiramisu in a flowerpot.


Another great day in Barcelona ends with us walking back to our apartments and falling into Spanish dreams.





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