Torks are On the Move (again)

Wednesday, June 1, 2016.  We have been planning this one since the fall and it is finally here.  We will be gone for a month and are going to some places we have never been.  The rough itinerary is: 10 days messing around Ireland, 1 week on board a “Narrowboat” in Wales with our friends Don and Katie, a week in Barcelona with Janel, a long weekend in Majorca (one of the islands off the coast of Spain, and finally a few more days in Barcelona with our girl before heading for home.

This trip should hold lots of surprises for us and I am very excited about the places and activities that are coming up.  Since our 35th anniversary was yesterday we plan to celebrate every day during June…

Johnny got up early this morning to drive us to the airport (we realize how much of a sacrifice that is for the night owl).  When we stepped inside Terminal 4 at Sky Harbor my heart kind of sank.  The lines just for check in were humongous.  No problem – we will have first class check in.  Oh wait.  There is another huge line for “Priority” check in.  That not only includes first class, but also anyone with status, AA credit card, etc., etc.  However, we manage to make our way through but are wondering what security will be like.

Security is really not bad at all – probably because we are in the International section.  We make our way to the Admiral’s Club for a brief respite after all that hard work. When we check in at the desk the receptionist informs us that since we are flying First that we can get 2 “premium” drinks on the house.  (It is 7:30am).   Rich has the brilliant idea to order Baileys and Coffee and I cannot disagree.

Soon it is time to board for the 2 hour flight to Houston.  Easy flight with a light breakfast.  In Houston we have a couple of hours so we dip into the British Airways First lounge where we indulge a bit more in a smattering of champagne and nibbles to gear us up before the lengthy ride to Heathrow.

We will have a couple of hours in Heathrow and then it is onward to Dublin.  We are due to arrive around 10:am tomorrow (June 2).

All for now – hope you stay tuned to travel with us on this journey!





2 thoughts on “Torks are On the Move (again)

  1. Thank you for your concern, however you need not fret anymore. See our next post to read how we were taken care of on the flight…

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