Where Have We Been?

Sunday June 5, 2016

Yes, we are behind on the blog. No, it is not becaus we haven’t been doing anything. On the contrary – we haven’t had time to write. The short synopsis is:

Thursday 6/02 – exploring Dublin (east coast)

Friday 6/03 – train to Galway (west coast); exploring Galway

Saturday 6/03 – Galway; rental car and drive further west to Clifden (look it up). Sitting forever at Boardwalk Cafe middle of nowhere – so beautiful on the water you can’t stand it – feeding Rich’s new found obsession with the perfectly poured Guiness and Linda’s quest for the perfectly hoppy beer…

Sunday 6/04 – plan to drive up into the Connemara National Park if we can manage even to tear ourselves fron the “Napoleon room” at The Quay House in Clifden to actually go downstairs to what promises to be a Full Irish Breakfast

The weather since we have arrived has been glorious! All the locals keep commenting that it is extremely unusual. EVERYONE is outside all day (doesn’t get dark until 10). We hope it continues! We are staying in Clifden for one more night

So you see, my friends it is not that we have forgotten you, we simply haven’t carved out the time to write.  Soon, Grasshopper, soon.

a couple of photos from the Napolean Room:

Rich enjoys a bit of a lie-in




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