Fantastic Day on Inis Meain

Tuesday June 7, 2016

Good morning from Inis Meain! We have a nice, late morning after a deathly quiet night on the island.  When we awake, our breakfast box and backpack (with lunch for the day) have been stealthily delivered to our room.  I manage to make coffee in our cafetiere – practicing for the boat. I was not sure I could deal with morning and no Keurig, but now I think I may just be ok after all.

Opening the breakfast box is a real treat.  We are so delighted with all the goodies inside.  They are completely into the details here and breakfast is certainly a highlight.  There is no one who would appreciate this breakfast more than Janel.  We end up What’s-App-ing with her to gloat.

All the little glass jars contain delicious treasures and we delight in opening each one.

After a leisurely repast, we tear ourselves away from our suite and venture out for today’s hike.  Rich has planned the route – we are going past the airport to what is supposed to be a fantastic beach, then to the old pier past another beach before heading “home” (after stopping at the pub, of course.)  It is a bit hotter today, but the hiking is great.

Nobody on OUR beach.

I stop to write a note:


There is an art to putting your shoes back on your feet without getting sand in your socks.

We pass by the beautiful cemetery before stopping for lunch overlooking another beach.

It is getting warmish out here and we need one more stop before heading back.

We chill for a bit in the room until Rich gets the itch to ride.  Our bikes have been waiting, but we haven’t had the chance.  I choose to stay in an blog, while Rich takes a quick spin around the island.

Tonight’s dinnertime starts with happy hour in the “bar” area.  A few of the other patrons are in tonight and everyone is in a good, talkative mood.  The clients here are an interesting group and we enjoy swapping stories.  Soon dinner is served. We start with a very simple dish of lightly blanched pea pods.  They are amazing.  (Then, Rich dips them in butter and they become otherworldly…) The carrots are equally as fantastic sprinkled with fresh thyme.  Ruari does not believe that vegs should be “side dishes.”  They should stand on their own.  His do.

The sunset is especially beautiful tonight (around 10pm) and everyone, including the staff stop to stare.

Our final day on Inis Meain has come to a close.  This has truly been a magical destination for us and we appreciate the opportunity we have had to visit here.

Tomorrow we will take the early flight out because we have a relatively long drive tomorrow.  But for tonight, we close our eyes, listen to the quiet and marvel at how far “out there” we are.


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