We are Starting to Really Like Ireland

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


This morning we wake to see the beautiful sunrise on our island.  We are way out there…

Breakfast has been delivered early today for us because we are taking the early (9:15) flight back to the mainland.  We have a long driving day today to get to Dingle and chose to start early.

This morning’s fish is pickled herring.  Mom – you would absolutely LOVE it! We also have a chicken terrine that is outstanding along with, fresh cheese, pineapple with pomegranate seeds, hazelnut museli, the best yogurt I have ever had, two kinds of bread and of course, the “good” butter.  As Janel would say – “nom, nom.” I am enamored with the little Wecks glass canning jars and plan to order a slew of them online for home.

Waiting for the van

With all the stepped up security at airports these days we want to make sure we have plenty of time at the Inis Meain airport.  The inn’s van leaves the premises at 8:50; we arrive at the airport at 8:55, turn in our bags, get weighed and get on the plane.  Our plane leaves at 9:15 with 7 passengers aboard (mostly locals). Now THIS is how it should be.

How easy is this?

When we touch down in Inverin our bags are taken off the plane and we snatch them directly from the tarmac.  As we are getting into our car we get a giggle looking back and seeing our pilot fueling up the plane himself!  I guess he has the best motive to make sure the fuel is full…

Today we will be taking mostly coastal roads on our way to the Dingle Peninsula.



We make a short stop at a chocolate factory:

Then the road continues of to the Cliffs of Moher – The “most visited” natural tourist site. We actually have “seen” the cliffs (much like Janet has “seen” France – look HERE to find out about that).  They were visible from Inis Meain.  Now we are up close and personal.

While the scenery is, indeed, spectacular, the “scene” is not.  Too many people (get away from our Cliffs…).  We are hungry and are considering popping into the cafe to grab a bite before continuing our journey.  However, that plan is nixed immediately upon entering the cafe. We quickly bid the tour buses adieu and Rich contemplates eating a PopTart that has traveled with us all the way from home.


Next stop is the Shannon Ferry which will take us the short way from Killimer to Tarbert without having to go through Limerick.  We are totally lucky when we arrive – the ferry is just getting ready to depart.  We easily pull on and off we go.  This is a very pleasant 20minute journey and a welcome change from the road.

As we continue onward towards Dingle, the scenery becomes even more beautiful.  Who knew?

Our accommodations for the next two nights in Dingle is at the lovely Pax HousePax House.  It is an incredible property situated with an unbelievable view over Dingle Bay. The proprietor, John, greets us and tells us to make ourselves home in the living area. He tells us that if we look out into the Bay we will probably see Fungie, the resident dolphin. Fungi has been at home in the bay for 30 years and is well loved by residents and tourists alike.  Sure enough as we are looking, he appears swimming among the several sightseeing boats! Welcome to Dingle.

Pax House is stunning.  I have seen it online, but in person it is even better.  We are in the  bedroom with outstanding views over the bay. Lucky.


We settle in quicky, but Rich’s “Guiness Meter” is calling.  There is about a 1/2 mile trek into town along a narrow road.

We have our sights set on a spot that John told us about – Foxy John’s Pub.  It is a teeny-tiny place actually inside a wee hardware store.  (only in Ireland). We love it immediately.


Get your drain cleaner and your pint in the same place:


We relunctantly leave Foxy John’s in order to seek a place for dinner.  John has given us several suggestions and we check them out before settling on Ashe’s Pub.  Turns out to be a great choice.

Rich has the lamb shank, I have a steak and we are both extremely happy.

The walk back to Pax House is uphill all the way, but the view of the bay makes it less painful.  We even see a group of Stand Up Paddleboarders (10pm in the evening) and think about joining them tomorrow. We have golf schedules at the Dingle Links course tomorrow at 11 and need to rest up.

When we arrive back at our room we find a couple of glasses of Baileys and some chocolates waiting for us.  Yes, I think we like Dingle.

How nice



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