Another Day, Another Pub

Friday, June 17, 2016

We scrambled up the fresh eggs that Andy gave us last night. They were great.


Today’s route will take us back through Ellesmere and then the plan is to moor in Hindford outside the Jack Mytton Pub. It is a healthy amount of miles to cover.


Katie read that there is a great deli in Ellesmere – Vermeulen’s. When we get into town it is much busier than when we were there on our trip out – probably because today is Saturday. Vermeulen’s is right in the middle and is hoppin’.

What a fantastic deli and bakery! They have wonderful looking pastries and bread along with prepared pasties, meat pies, salads and such. There is also sliced meats and a heavenly cheese selection. We spend a lot of time picking and choosing treats to take back for lunch and snacks.

After stocking up we duck into a little coffee shop and hunker down with my beloved wi-fi. I really want to post on the blog and ask the others if they mind me staying here while they move on to Tesco grocery to pick up a few supplies. No problem.

Soon enough Katie returns to collect me and meet the boys. They are enjoying a relaxing moment.


Hindford is calling and we motor on. The scenery is still gorgeous and we are still amazed and how beautiful it all is.

Lunch is on the fly today. The treats from Vermeulen’s are all delicious – wish we had that place at home.

After a while, Jack Mytton’s canalside pub comes into view. I had read about this one online and am eager to actually see it. They have moorings for “today’s patrons” for 24 hours. Perfect.

Since we didn’t have reservations and it is Saturday night, Katie and I disembark and go in to see if we can get a table this evening. The bartenders are really friendly and we secure a 7:00 reservation. They tell us that there is a party of 10 coming at 7:30. Oh my.

There are several hours to kill before dinner. Katie and I opt to sit in the (almost empty) pub with wi-fi to catch up on email and blog (with a pint, of course). The boys turn on the tv on the boat and are in Heaven.

The pub starts to fill up, our boys join us and we secure a great table for dinner.  Katie has one question for Rich: “Do you have the keys?”

Katie checks to make sure Rich has the keys

We would like to rid ourselves of all our British Pounds (and pounds…) before we leave England, but are never sure with this “funny money” how much we really have.  A closer examination is necessary:


The group of 10 diners turns out to be a rowdy group of “pirates” who are having a stag

party.  They are actually a fun bunch and we buddy up with them and have some laughs.


Dinner was great once again.  We keep trying to save room for Sticky Toffee Pudding, but never quite make it.  We are tired from a long travel day and walk back to the boat with hopes that the pirates won’t keep us awake all night.




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